Review: The Complete Hush, Hush Saga: Hush, Hush; Crescendo; Silence; Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

The Complete Hush, Hush Saga: Hush, Hush; Crescendo; Silence; Finale
The Complete Hush, Hush Saga: Hush, Hush; Crescendo; Silence; Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I’ve been waiting to write this review, because this is my ultimate, number one, all time favourite paranormal romance series. Becca Fitzpatrick is an awesome writer and she wrote 4 amazing books here. If you like angels and you like romance, then you need to read this.

In Hush Hush (book one), Patch is the slightly creepy and unnerving senior that is forced to sit next to Nora one day in Biology class. He’s presumptuous, inappropriate and his humour is sexual, which makes quiet Nora feel uncomfortable. BUT, he’s hot. And if someone is hot, then none of the above matters to you as much as their hotness does. Which is why she finds herself thinking about him more than she wants to.

The whole way through the first book I found myself asking who is Patch and what does he want? Does he actually like Nora or is he here for some other reason? But I was distracted by his allure. He has dark hair, muscles, dark eyes – this is the perfect guy. On top of all of that, he spends his time playing pool in a smoke filled pool hall called Bo’s Arcade and rides a motorbike. I don’t think he can get any better to be honest.

But then he does! Because he’s a fallen angel. And what’s even better than having an angel in a book, is having a fallen one. A good boy gone bad. This concept works because, if he was good before, then we know that he has the potential to be good again. Patch can’t be all bad, which makes him more appealing. Nobody actually wants a purely evil villain for a love interest – that just wouldn’t work. Fitzpatrick gives him the ability to be good and for Nora specifically, which is enticing, because we’d all like to think that we can find a bad boy who will be good for just us and vice versa.

Nora is a little bit annoying, as are all heroines that over emphasise their lack of attraction to the guy that they are actually overly attracted to. But I don’t penalise her too much for it, because she actually has a valid reason to not want to like him. He seems to be stalking her, he makes sexual comments about her all of the time and it seems like he wants to kill her and kiss her at the same time. Confusing, weird and worthy of conflicted emotions.

Throughout this series, we see Nora lost in a world full of family secrets, lies, intense romance, archangels, guardian angels, rogue angels, Nephilim and armies that are strong enough to wreak mass havoc and cause death. The plot twists in this series are brilliant and they seriously had me hooked. I can say with complete honesty that I didn’t see any one of them coming – actually I saw one to do with Marcie Millar.

Silence (book three) is my particular favourite (I seem to have a thing for liking all the third books in sagas – who knows why). It’s the most serious and action-packed. Nora has been kidnapped and Patch is at risk of being chained in hell because Hank has his feather and is willing to burn it. This book had me on the edge of my seat and was full of suspense, surprise and tension.

Without giving anything away, the final instalment is a big one. I can’t say I’m completely satisfied with how it ended, in all honesty, I would’ve liked to have changed one or two things. But that has nothing to do with the quality of the book itself and more to do with my own attachment to certain characters in the series. Either way, it ended the way it ended and I was happy. I will make one negative point though, which is that the final book felt like it had been rushed slightly. Some of the things that happened seemed to be happening just for the sake of getting the book over with, which was disappointing.

But this doesn’t lessen my love for the series at all. These are great books and I’m always recommending them to people.


I’ve given Becca Fitzpatrick’s writing a 3 tick rating because although it was well written, there wasn’t anything special about the way it was written. The best writing was probably in book 3, where, as I mentioned earlier, the writing is full of cliffhangers and suspense. Here we see puzzle pieces of the plot being brought together and secrets revealed in a way that leaves us wanting to keep reading more

Reviewed by: Tanya Marie

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