Review: The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga
The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Despite all the criticism and ridicule these books have gotten, I was one of the original Twilight fans. I read the book in 2007, before the movie was released the following year and it changed my life. Yes, it actually did.

On the day I got Twilight, I had sent my mum to the book store with very particular instructions. I had just finished reading the first two Vampire Kisses books by Ellen Schreiber and I was on a mission to discover more wonderful vampire fiction. I told her to go and find me a ROMANCE novel with a VAMPIRE as the love interest in it and she came home with books one and three of this amazing saga (Twilight #1 and Eclipse #3).

She couldn’t have done a better job because I was hooked from the very first chapter. I hadn’t read anything like it before, ever. I was thirteen at the time and I was captivated by Edward just as much as Bella was. Who is this mysterious boy that is incredibly gorgeous, surrounds himself with incredibly gorgeous people, doesn’t associate with anybody else at Forks High School and yet somehow cannot stop staring at simple, boring and mundane Isabella Swan in the lunch hall? And why does he make such a grand effort to distance himself from her during Biology class, not turn up to school for the next couple of days and then finally introduce himself later as Edward Cullen? The mystery element of his character is incredibly alluring and if you weren’t drawn in by him, then there must be something wrong with you. Either that, or you’re just a dude who has picked the book up out of curiosity and in which case, that is perfectly understandable. If this is you, perhaps you can tell us all why Edward was so attracted to Bella in the first place…

Book one is the perfect romance, with a fairly simple plot twist that introduces a problem. A hunter is after Bella and the whole family must try to save her, because her own cannot. Why? Because they’re human and they don’t know about vampires. There are also other hints and secrets that we get in the first book, such as the revealing of the Quileute legend by Jacob, which will form much of the plot for the following book.

New Moon (book two) is not my favourite in the series, probably because Edward is not present for most of it. But it gave readers the chance to fall in love with Jacob (I didn’t) as well as giving Bella the chance to fall in love with him herself. I always held their friendship in high esteem, but when it came to any romantic involvement between the two of them, I was completely opposed. I always thought that Bella should be with Edward. She, unfortunately, had slightly contrasting emotions… In this book, we see Bella battle with her emotions for two different men (one clearly better than the other) and embark on a race against time to get back to her true love. We also get to know a lot more about Jacob and the truth behind his family history, which does make for an interesting read.

Following this, we have my favourite of the four books: Eclipse (book three). I love the action in Eclipse and I think the plot here is the best of all four of them. Remember Victoria (the girlfriend of James, the hunter from Book one who tried to kill Bella?), well Victoria is on a heated mission to avenge the death of her loved one and she won’t be stopped. Here, we see careful planning and calculation as Bella and the Cullens try to put together some sort of plan to protect Bella from Victoria’s wrath. We also see a union (reluctant, but still in existence) of vampire and werewolf; which is odd, because we all know that the two species are timeless enemies. Anyway, as well as the heat from the action in the plot, we see the heat between Bella, Edward and Jacob almost boil over. Jacob is in love with Bella and Bella is in love with (and now engaged to) Edward. Yet, somehow, she cannot resist the… well, you tell me… of Jacob. Which just makes me roll my eyes, because there is about to be a massive battle between a newborn army of vampires, century-old vampires and werewolves; so there is really no time for such high-school drama. But that’s also what makes it so good. Because whilst everything is so serious, we have to remember that they are all technically still in high school and so there WILL be high school drama. Well done Meyer!

The final book is extremely dramatic and it was a shocking conclusion to the series. The wedding was just as beautiful as I had imagined and I was hoping for a honeymoon that was just as perfect. We see a much different side to Bella’s character here, as she finds herself unable to resist Edward in the bedroom… But oh dear, if only she could’ve remembered a little thing called protection, then she wouldn’t have found herself in the mess she does find herself in: pregnant with a vampire/human baby that could kill her! There is a lot in this book and after the initial shock of the baby, everything gets very exciting. Bella is soon to give birth, the baby is killing her, Edward is biting her and turning her in to a vampire to save her! *gasps of breath* Bella is a vampire, the baby is born, Jacob is imprinting on the baby, Irina has seen the baby and thinks it’s something that it’s not, she’s going to The Volturi, the Volturi are coming after Bella and Edward! *even more gasps of breath* Vampires are coming from all over the world, an army is being formed, a battle must take place, a battle must be won. Will there be a happily ever after?

Of course there will be. Bella and Edward get to keep their baby and everything ends peacefully. “And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.” Aww so sweet!

I will forever be a Twilight fan and this will forever be one of my favourite book series’. 5 out of 5 stars to this wonderful saga by Stephenie Meyer. Thank you for creating such a perfect world.


I’ve given this series a 4 tick rating because I thought the writing was very captivating to read. You can tell that Bella isn’t a stupid girl, she uses complex sentences and her descriptions, particularly of Edward and the different settings she finds herself in are explained with great care. The writing is also suspenseful, which can be difficult to achieve but I feel Meyer does this well. 

Reviewed by: Tanya Marie

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