In the spirit of Halloween… Seven Deadly Sins Tag!

Hey guys! Halloween is just around the corner and seeing as I currently have no definitive plans for the event (although I am excited for it), I thought it was about time I posted my Seven Deadly Sins tag – a week away from Halloween itself.

Shoutout to Olivia @ Olivia’s Catastrophe for tagging me!
Greed – What is the most expensive book in your library and what is the most inexpensive?

The most expensive book I own is the Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism (second edition). I had to buy it this month for my English course and it cost me about £40 in total! I was really annoyed about having to spend so much at first, but it’s actually a really interesting read so I feel a lot better about it now haha.
I don’t have one book that I can say is the most inexpensive as I have several books that I obtained for free – as gifts, from winning Giveaways etc. To name a few I got Fallen by Lauren Kate for free as it was a gift from my mum, as was Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh; I also won Pieces of You by Ellen Harper in a Giveaway on Goodreads 🙂
Wrath – Which author do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Stephenie Meyer! The Twilight series is both brilliant and annoying at the same time. It’s full of paradoxes! Like why did Meyer make Bella so annoying and so appealing? Why is Edward so romantic and cringeworthy at the same time? Why does Bella like Jacob Black when he should be her mortal enemy? And WHY did the consummation of such a beautiful marriage have to result in such a disaster?!?!?!
Oh Edward staaaahppp!! – No seriously, please stop I feel sick..
To be fair I don’t know why I’m even complaining about those books because in all honesty I love ’em…
Gluttony – What book have you deliciously devoured over and over again with no remorse whatsoever?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, obviously. How can you not re-read the Harry Potter books (any one of them) whenever you get the chance? They’re so magical it’s as if they just replenish themselves everytime you pick them up. They never get boring!
I’ve also re-read Twilight several times and a few chapters from City of Bones and City of Ashes – The Queen of the Seelie Court chapter in the latter is one of my favourite scenes in a book by far.
Sloth – What book have you neglected due to laziness?

Die for Me by Amy Plum. I ALWAYS take it off my shelf and put it on my bedside table to read and then I never actually read it. It’s not even that it’s boring or anything… I actually don’t even know what it is, I can’t get past the bit where her and Vincent see some guy committing suicide in Paris or something like that. It’s been so long now I can hardly remember.
Pride – What book do you most talk about in order to sound like a very intellectual reader?

Probably Jane Austen’s Emma or The Picture of Dorian Gray. I haven’t even read Emma, I just tell people I have because I’ve seen the BBC drama adaptation of it haha. The Picture of Dorian Gray I have actually read though and if you read my blog, you will know already that it is one of my favourite books and I mention it in like every single one of my posts.
Lust – What attributes do you find most attractive in male/female characters?

Physically – tall, dark hair and strong (because strong usually means they have muscles)
Personality – I don’t actually like the chivalrous nice guys like Edward Cullen as a general rule, I like male characters like Patch Cipriano, Rixon and Jace Wayland who have a really inappropriate sense of humour and like to deflect a lot, but on the inside they’re such cuties.
The kind of male characters who do this!!
Envy – What books would you most like to receive as a gift?

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, The Tales of Beedle the Bard both by J.K. Rowling. Ah there’s so many I don’t have the energy to write them all down! I would like a crime novel/ psychological thriller to read for once and if someone could have bought me all the books I needed for university as a gift, that would have been much appreciated as they did cost me like £250 altogether!
Thanks for reading!

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