Thank You and Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone!

Now you’re probably all having a wonderful Christmas Day with your families and friends right now, but I just wanted to take this opportunity (while I have about ten minutes of free time) to say a huge thank you!

2014 has definitely been the year of this blog. When I started Keep Turning Pages I was getting little more than about 3 or 4 blog views per day and now, I have over 2,500 views in total! For a total duration of only 5 months, I think that’s pretty amazing and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all of you who have read my posts and reviews. Even if you’ve only clicked on my blog and glanced over it for a few minutes, I still want to thank you. Every view counts and I’m so, so grateful.

As a quick recap of what has happened this year with my blog, I’m gonna quickly flick back through some of my favourite blogging moments of each month.


My first ever post was something that I called a “Midway Review” (cringe) of Jamie McGuire’s ‘Beautiful Disaster’ – where I basically tried to politely rant about how much I was not enjoying the book. As I’m sure you will already know, the final review later turned in to a massive, outright rant of it, so I suppose the moral of the story here is not to try and hold my tongue…


During September, I created a post detailing 10 specific reasons why everybody needs to watch Bates Motel. That was definitely one of my favourite posts and if you haven’t had a look at it, you can do so here. It was the first or second time I ever used gif’s and I got pretty excited haha. But anyway, season 3 of Bates Motel is coming soon, so make sure you check it out and catch up in time!


In October I was tagged for the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ post, which I thought was a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love a bit of sinning now and again, eh?


Last month I wrote a really enthusiastic post about National Novel Writing Month, where I tried to encourage everyone to take part. But the truth is, that it’s actually really difficult to write a novel in 18 years, let alone 1 month! So I did not accomplish more than something like 1,900 words. But hey, it was still a nice attempt.


This month I was tagged to do the Christmas Gift Guide tag and if you’re looking for any more presents or gifts during the January sales, then it’s definitely worth having a look at it. You can do so here.

I’ve also made some brilliant blogging friends this year. Morrighan, Jennie and Tika, thank you for tagging and nominating me for so many blogging awards this year!

I’d also like to acknowledge my new self-published author friends – Lydia and Agostino. If you haven’t checked out their work yet, then you can have a look at my reviews and find out more information on them by clicking on their names above. They are both two very different, but still two very awesome writers and I am very glad to have made friends with them.

Thanks again to everyone who reads my blog and I look forward to making many more blogging memories in 2015!

Okay, enough of this sentimental, mushy stuff now…


Love Tanya x

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