My Tips for Summer

With Summer literally peeking in to our windows, there’s no escaping the blistering heat and blinding sunshine. It was 23 degrees today in London and when you’re hit with such beautiful weather, you have to make the most of it because it doesn’t make an appearance very often. For the past handful of weeks I’ve been really busy with revising for exams, sitting my exams and packing up my room at university to move back home to London for the summer. My first year at university has been a great experience and I’ve really learned so much. I feel so much more independent and so much more keen to step out in to the real world and begin living my life the way that I personally want to.

Loads of things have changed about me since moving away from home last September. Firstly, I’ve come to really appreciate the peacefulness of rural areas. I went for a walk around London today and all I heard was car engines, beeping horns and just general noise. As much as I love London, I think that I’m actually starting to drift away from it! It’s all a little bit hectic here and everything is so fast paced that it’s easy to feel as if you’re getting lost in some kind of constantly spinning vortex.

But to make sure that I have a nice relaxing three months off, I’ve got a few key plans:

Firstly I’m really enjoying the fact that I have so much freedom. I’ve got my own house and I’ve also got my home here in London, so I have the luxury of being able to flit between the two whenever I feel like it. The fact that I’ve got my own place is really a massive step for me and I can’t wait to start decorating my room (as small as it is) and start making my first ever house feel nice and homely. So if you’re lost for things to do, then re-decorating your room or giving your house in general a new look is never a bad idea. I always find it really fun to go shopping for items for my bedroom and re-decorating is a great way to create change that reflects a version of you that’s constantly developing.

Travelling is also a big part of any summer and even if you’re not going on holiday, then you can still make the most of your summer by taking a train to see different places in the UK or even by catching the Eurostar to Paris. Me and one of my housemates actually planned to take a spontaneous trip to Paris, but it was during exam season and unfortunately didn’t end up happening. But we worked out that you can get on the Eurostar (if you book a couple of months in advance) for around £60 return, which really isn’t bad at all!

If you’re sponging off your parents for money over summer, then that can make everything seem like a bit of a hassle. But loads of retail stores are looking for part-time sales assistants, so just drop your CV off at a bunch of stores near you, ace your interview and start earning some cash. Often it sounds easier than it is because shops are always doing this annoying thing where they say that they really need someone with “experience”. But my best tip is to keep trying. Sometimes if you apply in advance, then you can have a job sorted for summer way before it even begins. Nevertheless, if you’re not successful there, then there are loads of other job opportunities available to you. Two of my really good friends have landed themselves jobs as team leaders at The Challenge and activity based jobs like this can be a really good way to spend your summer. They get you away from home, meeting new people and they keep you active. So if you don’t see yourself holed up inside a clothes store. shifting racks and working changing rooms, then why not apply to be a team leader? It might be a bit late to apply now, but you can always sort something out for next year!

My final tip for summer is to try and spend time with your family and friends! I know that for me, having been away from home for so long, I haven’t seen a lot of my closest friends in months. But now is the chance to socialise with them before you have to get back to revision, exams and just work in general. Go out for lunch or dinner, go to the cinema or go on a nice shopping trip somewhere that you haven’t been before. And if you can’t afford to do these things, then there are loads of ways to meet up with your friends for free too. Why not invite them round to your house? Or as me and one of my best friends do all the time, just go for a walk, find a park, sit down and enjoy the sunshine!

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