Mattifying Skincare: Garnier vs The Body Shop

In recent months I’ve just been becoming more and more obsessed with beauty products, particularly skincare. The only way I feel comfortable leaving the house without make-up on is if my skin feels fresh and hydrated, so finding good skincare products for this is an absolute must for me.

My main skin problem is that I have really oily skin. Whenever I put my foundation on, I find that a few hours later, my t-zone just looks really shiny and clogged up. There are lots of make-up products that you can use to stop that from happening, but I thought that it would be best to go straight to my skincare routine and try and change something there instead. Mainly because I hate having a build up of skin make-up like primers, foundations and concealers on my skin – so often I will only use a foundation, if at all.

Garnier Set

Garnier Clean & Fresh Clean Feel Wash 150ml
£3.49 from Superdrug

The first set of skincare products that I used to try and tackle my oily skin problem were from Garnier. I used the Fresh Clarifying Wash for combination to oily skin because it said “shine be gone!” on the front and I was hoping that it would help to cleanse my pores of excess oil and keep them feeling clean and fresh throughout the day. So I’ve been using this every morning now for about 2-3 months and it has lasted pretty well. You only need a pea sized amount because although it has a gel like texture to it, once it’s on your face the consistency becomes quite thin and the product can therefore spread quite easily. But in all honesty, I didn’t notice any difference in my skin after using it and I wasn’t a huge fan of the texture. Often it felt like it was just sitting on my skin rather than doing anything to actually cleanse it before I washed it off; and then for a few seconds after I had rinsed it off and dried my face, my skin would look very clear and mattified, but within a few minutes that fresh-faced feeling was completely gone. I then tried using this twice a day to see if that made any improvement, but it didn’t. So this is definitely not a favourite of mine.

£1.95 from Superdrug

As a moisturiser, after cleansing my face in the mornings, I would use the Moisture Matte cream, again for combination to oily skin. Now this product did actually work and I really like it! Not only does it mattify your skin, but it leaves it feeling soft and hydrated too. The only problem with this is that it comes in such a small tube and doesn’t last very long at all. But for the price, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad buy. At £2, it is definitely affordable to keep buying on a regular basis.

The Body Shop Set

So because I wasn’t happy with the Garnier cleanser and my Garnier moisturiser ran out, I asked for some good quality skincare products for Christmas. And I was lucky enough to open this beauty, containing a cleanser, toner and day cream! Inside, you also get a little card with tips on how to use each of them. The Seaweed range is supposed to be both mattifying and balancing and although I’ve only been using it for two or three days now, I have already noticed such a difference in my skin!

Whilst I like all three products, I have to say that I definitely prefer the cleanser and day cream. The cleanser is not like a normal face wash; you have to massage it into your skin and then use a small cotton wool pad to wipe it all off. I like this because I really feel like I can pay careful attention to problem areas on my face, whereas with a rinse off wash, it feels a bit all-encompassing and less targeted.

The Body Shop Gift Set

I had been having problems around Christmas time with my skin feeling really bumpy and irritated, which I’m pretty sure was from a combination of over-using my foundation and applying it with brushes that I hadn’t been bothered to clean in weeks. But already, this skincare set has smoothed out those bumps and my face is feeling a lot healthier.

Additionally, whilst the day cream looks small and as if it won’t last very long, it’s actually such good quality that you really only need a small amount to get full coverage. I tried their Vitamin E Night Cream a few months ago and I was really pleased with how well it worked as an overnight moisturiser. My skin always feels lovely and soft in the morning when I wake up after using it and this day cream is equally as good. The main selling point for me with this one is that a little bit goes such a long way and lasts for so long on your skin, so at £13.00 a tub, it really is worth it!

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