Gift Ideas For Last Minute Christmas Presents!

Christmas is on Sunday and I’m so excited! Being at university means that I don’t always have the time to travel home and see my family, so Christmas is the perfect time to bring everybody together. Christmas shopping is not always easy, especially if you have quite a few extended family members to buy for. You might be worrying about what to get for your girlfriend’s mum or your boyfriend’s sister, or you might just have remembered that you forgot to get something for your grandparents. I know that I’m getting paid just a couple of days before Christmas and if you’re in the same position, then you might be holding out a few days before going out to get those few little last minute gifts. So I’ve put together a festive list of perfect last minute gifts to sort you out for the Christmas season. So if you need some quick inspiration, then just keep on reading! 😊🎅🎄

Gifts for her

Any girl will appreciate a lovely scented candle, for any occasion. They’re great gifts because they can be used as decorations and the candle holders can sometimes be recycled and used for storage. I think that candle holders make great make-up brush holders! Yankee Candle mini gift sets are available at Boots and big department stores often do a great range. If you’re looking for something with a little bit more luxury, then you could try Jo Malone, Dyptique candles or something from The White Company.

Beauty Gift Sets
The Body Shop, Lush or any of the beauty gift sets in Boots would make for a lovely last minute present. They usually have lots of different items in them and its a great way to give someone a trial of a brand they haven’t ever used before. You can get bath and body gift sets, make up gift sets, make-up brush gift sets, hair gift sets, skincare gift sets the list is really endless.

High-End Lipstick
Picking up a lipstick from somewhere like Chanel or YSL would be the perfect last minute present for your mum or your sister. The packaging, the luxury, the colour – these are all things that any girl would appreciate. With the recent craze in liquid lipsticks, my favourite picks would be one of the new NARS velvet lip glides or one of the Chanel rouge allure inks!

2017 Diary/Bespoke Notebook
For anyone who loves pretty designs and writing, a new 2017 planner would be the perfect last minute gift idea. Places like Paperchase and websites like offer beautiful designs at a range of different prices, so I would definitely check them out. To go with this, you could also pick up a nice new pen. Sounds simple, but having a good pen to write with is honestly so under-rated and is truly one of the best gifts you can give to someone who loves writing!

Gifts for Him

Sports Gear
This applies to any sporty women too or just anyone who likes exercising regularly. Pop into your nearest sports shop and pick up some sports accessories or clothing. For Christmas last year, my mum bought me a running jacket, two small water bottles and a strap to hold my phone in whenever I go running. Some new trainers, a couple of new sports t-shirts or shorts would make perfect gifts and they don’t have to break the bank either.

Alcohol Gift Set/Bottle
Any alcohol gift set will usually come with some chocolates in it, but if not, a bottle of wine and chocolates would be a great gift idea for any extended family member. 

Gift Card
Gift cards for a store like Halfords or PC World! These are great gift ideas because they allow the person to choose their own presents at a reduced cost!
Experience Day Out
You can get a voucher for a day out on websites like These are pre-paid days out that can usually be booked for any date within a year of purchase. They’re something a little bit different, but still very special and they make really good gifts for couples or family members who would cherish spending a little bit of extra time together.
Hopefully these gift ideas have given you the inspiration you need to make those final Christmas purchases. Thank you for reading! 

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