A Christmas Charlotte Tilbury Experience

I hope my Christmas gift guide helped some of you to pick up those last minute gifts you needed! And for any bargain hunters out there, I hope you managed to grab yourself at least a handful of deals during the boxing day sales. If you haven’t, then it doesn’t matter. There are still January sales and shops like Boots are doing half price deals on all the Christmas gift sets they didn’t sell this year before Christmas. So if you’re a bit of a keen bean, then maybe you can do some early Christmas shopping for next year by bagging them at 50% off while you still can 😉

I had a fabulous Christmas this year – one that was made extra special by a little surprise experience arranged and paid for by my mum. Now, if you know me well enough, you’ll know that I can be a complete brat when I want to be. I asked for one thing this Christmas (the NARS velvet matte skin tint) and when I didn’t open it on Christmas day… well, lets just say that I was extremely disappointed. But there’s more to Christmas than just the presents, of course and I was really happy to be able to spend Christmas with my family, eat lots of food and take a bunch of silly photos with my sister – who I barely get to see since I’m always away at university for most of the year.
On Boxing Day, my mum and sister took me shopping in Westfield under the guise that they wanted to pick up bras in the boxing day sales. As we were shopping, my mum kept telling my sister that she had to watch the time – something I didn’t even take proper note of. As we were queuing up to pay for some bras, my mum claimed that she needed to go to the toilet. She always does this when we’re out shopping, so I thought nothing of it and decided I would go with her. My sister agreed to pay for the lingerie and meet us outside. But as we left, my mum admitted (or lied!) that she wanted to get my sister a late Christmas present and that she needed me to direct her to Charlotte Tilbury. 
My face completely dropped. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My mum wanted to get my sister a Christmas present in Charlotte Tilbury? Sorry?? My sister, who has no recognition of the Charlotte Tilbury brand, over me, who goes on about NARS and Charlotte Tilbury all the time. I was completely crushed.

So a very sour me directed my mum to Charlotte Tilbury. If you’ve been inside the store, then you’ll know that it’s absolutely gorgeous. Very 1920s flappers decor, with huge feathers, gold accents and lots of sparkle. I tried to gain my composure as my mum walked over to one of the sales assistants. “Hi, I’ve got an appointment for one o’clock.” 

Appointment? Silly me just assumed she had ordered something online and made an appointment to collect it. However, the sales assistant called over one of the make-up artists and brought her over to us. With a lovely smile she asked my mum who the appointment was for. “It’s for my daughter, Tanya, just here.”
OH MY GOD. Excitement. Guilt. Nerves. Shock. Despite all of the trouble I had given her about the NARS foundation and the fact that I had been completely broken the whole way to Charlotte Tilbury, thinking that she was getting something for my sister, my mum was grinning from ear to ear. She was so excited for me. So happy. She completely forgave all of my horrible, brattish behaviour just to see the smile on my face when I was taken over to one of the seats and handed a sparkling glass of prosecco. My mum doesn’t drink and we are never ever allowed alcohol in the house, but today she let me have one and she even had a glass herself, just to make my day. Aww! 
How could I have been so stupid? Of course my mum wasn’t buying anything for my sister. Of course, I didn’t get the NARS foundation because I was getting something 100x better. My mum had booked me in for a session with one of the leading Charlotte Tilbury make-up artists, with free prosecco (which was delicious!) and a choice of over 10 looks to be recreated on me before I got to choose which products I wanted to purchase for myself.
The make-up artist that worked with me was absolutely lovely – shoutout to Kamanza Amihyia! She was super chatty and friendly and really made me feel extremely comfortable. You could tell that she knew exactly what she was talking about too, a make-up artist that knows how to work with a range of faces, not just her own. She showed me all the looks available and without being pushy, just suggested a look that she thought would work well on me. The look she chose was the ‘Rock Chick’ look, involving a very bold green smoky eye and a nude lip.

It’s not a look I would usually go for. I don’t love wearing eyeshadow because I don’t think it suits me and if I do wear it, I stick to warm browns and golds. I would never ever wear green eyeshadow, let alone eyeliner as thick as that on my bottom waterline! But I felt that it would have been too easy to go for the ‘Vintage Vamp’ or ‘Glamour Muse’ looks. If I was getting my make-up done by a professional, then I wanted it to be something new and different that I would never be able to try on myself.

And the final look turned out like this! I was so pleased to have tried something different and to have learned a lot more about my face shape, what colours suit me and how to apply my make-up well. Although I have to admit that I really didn’t like the big, bushy brows she gave me, I did love the look overall. I thought it looked amazing and I was surprised to see that the green didn’t look as bad as I thought it would!

This was a very dramatic look, definitely not for everyday. But I loved the way she did my base – the foundation, colour corrector, highlight, blush and contour was amazing and if I could do my foundation and contour like this everyday then all of my face problems would truly be solved!
If you want to do something like this, then all you have to do is go onto the Charlotte Tilbury website and book in a session. You can choose to do one with an in-house artist or a lead make-up artist. My experience was with a lead one and cost £61 altogether, including the products I purchased.
But as this post is already miles long, I’ll be showing you what I got from Charlotte Tilbury, plus the amazing Estee Lauder gift set that my boyfriend got me for Christmas in another post. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and that you had a lovely Christmas yourself!

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