Luxury Beauty Gift Sets To Kick Off Your 2017: Charlotte Tilbury

I’m starting off the year with two massive beauty posts on my blog. Following on from my last post about my amazing Christmas experience with Charlotte Tilbury (I’m still buzzing!), as promised, I’m going to be detailing the items I purchased from them in this blog post. If you’re more interested in reading about the Estee Lauder gift set, then click here and it will take you straight to my next post all about it.

Charlotte Tilbury

In true Charlotte Tilbury style, all of the products I chose were given to me in this gorgeous burgundy and gold box. So if this isn’t enough of a reason to go and treat yourself (which I think it is) then just wait until you see all the lovely things I picked up. 

It was extremely difficult to decide what to buy. I didn’t want to break the Bank of Mum, but I didn’t want to miss out on anything either. Unfortunately, the make-up artist used soo many products on me that it would have been impossible for me to get them all in one day, unless I miraculously became rich on the spot – which I didn’t. If you didn’t already know, Charlotte Tilbury products are expensive. The eyeshadow quad that was used on me for example was £38, more than half the money I had to spend that day! Not to mention that two different shades of foundation had to be mixed to get my skin tone (this always happens) so I couldn’t afford to buy the magic foundation. But after much deliberation, I ended up choosing these products and getting a few extra bits thrown in just because my make-up artist was so lovely.

 Products pictured from left to right:
Multi-Miracle Glow – £45
Wonderglow Primer – £38.50
Magic Cream – £70
Take It All Off – £24
Lip Cheat (Foxy Brown) – £16
Scent of a Dream Perfume – £49
The Multi-Miracle Glow is basically a 3-in-1 product that you can use as a moisturiser, a cleanser or an overnight face mask. It leaves your skin feeling super soft, but the only downside is that the consistency is quite thick and feels slightly sticky as it settles in to your skin.

The Wonderglow Primer is insane. It is literally liquid gold and I’ll insert a picture of one pump of it below so you can see what it looks like. It puts little flecks of glitter onto your face when you use it, but underneath your foundation it really does add a gorgeous glow so I would highly recommend this. 

The Magic Cream is essentially a moisturiser. It’s what Charlotte Tilbury became famous for, but I haven’t actually used this one yet as I’ve been obsessed with the Estee Lauder moisturiser I was given in my other beauty set! And just for the record, if you’re thinking that the little tub I have costs £70 then don’t worry, it doesn’t. I got given a 3 month sample for free, the actual magic cream is in a huge tub – roughly the same size as the multi-miracle glow – and that’s the one that costs £70.
Take It All Off is an eye make-up remover. Works really well and is super easy to use because you don’t need a lot of product or to put in a lot of work to get your eye make-up off. 
Lip Cheat in Foxy Brown is a nude (for me) lip liner. It’s a really subtle brown colour and applies very smoothly on the lips. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a nude colour or if it’s the consistency of the product itself, but I do feel that it could be slightly more pigmented. Then again, it definitely could just be because it matches the colour of my lips so well.

So that’s everything I got from Charlotte Tilbury. To find out about my Estee Lauder gift set, you can read my next post here.

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