8 Things I Need To See in Season Two of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’

I might be a few months late with this series, but after binge watching it in the space of 24 hours because I was absolutely hooked from the first episode, I’m granting myself rights to writing this blog post. So if you haven’t seen Stranger Things yet, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for. It is absolutely brilliant and I don’t have a single bad word to say about it. There wasn’t one boring episode or scene in the whole first season. Unlike many other programmes I’ve watched, this one had me hooked minute-by-minute. I’m not the type of person who will draw the curtains and binge watch Netflix for an entire week, yet that’s exactly what I did with this. I am eagerly awaiting season two. So eagerly in fact, that I had to blog about it asap. So here are 8 things I need to see in season two!

1. More Will

When Will went missing, I completely forgot what he looked like. When he was found, I had a sort of ohhhhh moment and recognised that that’s who Will is. I need more Will so that I can put more of his face to his name.
2. Bring back Barb! 😢

I adore Barb! The fact that she was never rescued and that nobody really seemed to care about her disappearance really makes my heart ache. Her mother never bothered asking after her. As far as I can remember, she just told Nancy to tell Barb to give her a call when she found her… And as great as Nancy was in battling the demogorgon and everything, I feel like she kind of gave up on Barb in the end. Granted Elle did pronounce Barb “Gone. Gone. Gone.” but if someone pronounced my best friend gone and then found the boy who had been taken to the same place she was, I would be fighting to get in there and look for her myself. So, we need Barb to come back somehow. We just need it.

3. Chief Hopper’s backstory

Jim had a family, once. Something happened to his daughter and his wife and when the season starts, he’s all alone – washing pills down with beer and smoking in his bathroom between brushes of his teeth. He drug abuses to combat the grief of his daughter’s death, who to me, it seems like died of cancer. However, I feel like there could be more to this. Could his daughter be in the Upside-Down like Will and Barbara were?

4. Terry Ives.

So we know that Terry is Eleven’s mother. When Terry was younger, she was involved in paid government investigations without knowing that she was pregnant. These investigations effected her daughter, Eleven, making her into the extraordinary being she is now. Eleven was taken from Terry by Dr. Brenner and it was all covered up as a miscarriage, even though Terry tried to sue Dr. Brenner for it. I want to see more of this. We get glimpses but I want to see the whole thing played out on screen.

5. Nancy and Jonathan – please!

There is something going on here. This is not just friendship – or it could be, but I’d rather it wasn’t. Jonathan and Nancy have a cute, special little connection. They click. More so than Nancy and Steve do. I mean just think about that Christmas present Nancy bought Jonathan – a camera! I’m weeping! This is the romance that needs to happen. Forget Steve – he’s cute, but lets face it he’s just not cut out for this world.

6. Parenting Tips from Joyce

When Karen (Mike and Nancy’s mum) comes over to Joyce’s house with her little casserole and her perfect little blonde daughter Holly, Joyce looks dishevelled and slightly crazy. She has holiday house lights up all around her house, that she’s been using to communicate with her son Will. Meanwhile, Karen has beautiful bouncing curls, time to make casseroles and the audacity to parade her beautiful little girl around in front of a woman whose son is missing. The Wheeler’s are almost as bad as poor Barb’s mother is! Karen never knows where her children are or what they’re up to and she constantly overlooks everything. It might be a matter of time (it was the 80s then and 2017 now) but still! I think she could learn a thing or two from Joyce, who never gives up on her son throughout the whole season.

7. Eleven and the others

Elle is short for ‘Eleven’ because Elle is number 11. Literally, as you can see in the picture above, she is marked as number 11. So where are all the others that were marked before her?

8. The Demogorgon

So we know that during Dr. Banner’s experiments, Eleven unexpectedly made contact with the monster – later named the Demogorgon by Mike and his friends – and opened up the gate to the Upside Down, which is the parallel dimension that the monster came from. The monster is now… gone? Elle killed it in the classroom, but is it the only one? Is the gate now closed? It seems unlikely, because the series ends with Will throwing up a slug-like thing that Hopper was supposed to have pulled fully out of his mouth when he found him in the Upside Down world. So what happens next – with the experiments and the Demogorgon?

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