New On My Bookshelf: February Edition

I mentioned in a post last year that I’m going to try and do these as often as I can. Of course, there may be some months where university takes over and it just isn’t practical for me to commit to reading so many books for leisure when I have a book a week to read for my classes already. So whilst they may be a bit hit and miss throughout the year, rest assured that I will be doing these as often as I possibly can. I haven’t felt my best this week, but I’ve been doing a good job of keeping myself busy to take my mind off things; and this is actually one of the main ways I’ve managed to cheer myself up. I managed to win a £10 Amazon voucher from my university and my immediate thought was to use it towards their 3 for £10 book deal. So if you’re interested in any of these books, then you can bag them all for just a tenner – which is great. When I received them in the post yesterday evening, I was overjoyed. I’ve waited until today to open them because I had some university reading to get done first, but there truly is nothing better than the feel and smell of a brand new book and I am so excited to just get reading. 
Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty

This is actually now a four part drama on the BBC and the first episode was released on Sunday 22nd January. It’s then on every Sunday at 9pm, so you can catch the 3rd episode tonight. If you want to catch up, here’s the link to watch it on BBC iPlayer: The novel is a thriller that follows the story of a married woman called Yvonne. Although she has a beautiful married life and a great career, she ends up having an affair that spirals out of control. This couldn’t be more my kind of book. I really do enjoy reading about the darker side of relationships and romance, so I can’t wait to get into this! 

Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon

When I ordered this book I actually thought it was just fiction. Really, it’s a humorous telling of the author’s battle with OCD, alopecia, bulimia and drug dependency. I wouldn’t normally choose something like this (based so closely on real, personal issues that relate directly to the author), but I’m actually very interested in mental illness and a portion of my own writing has been devoted to exploring it. So it would definitely be interesting to get a first hand account of what dealing with these sorts of things can be like.

The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern

I know that a lot of people mention Cecelia Ahern, but I’ve never actually read any of her books. There wasn’t much thought that went into this purchase, I just chose the first book of hers that came up when I searched for her on Amazon. But sometimes that really can be the best way to surprise yourself. I didn’t want to go for P.S I Love You or Love, Rosie. Instead, I chose a newer title (2015 release) and this one is about a daughter who discovers a collection of her father’s belongings and uncovers secrets that she never could have imagined. 
I feel like I’ve got a good range of books in this little February haul. I’ll be reviewing these when I’m finished (as always, but for some reason I still say it) so do come back to hear my thoughts on them. In the meantime, happy reading 😄

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