2017 Bucket List: #GOMO

How many times a week (or day if you’re me) do you find yourself saying there’s nothing to do. Slumped on the sofa at 2 in the afternoon, with a mug of something hot in one hand and your phone in the other. Or maybe you’re in bed with your laptop open in front of you, scrolling addictively through online shopping websites or watching YouTube make-up tutorials for looks you’ll never be bold enough to re-create yourself. As young people, I think we all spend far too much time complaining that we’re bored and have nothing to do, when in reality the world is literally at our fingertips.

If you study at university or if you have a full time job, it can often feel like your life is your work. Maybe you’re thinking about exams all the time or worrying about a spreadsheet you didn’t have time to finish before you left the office today. Maybe you work part-time in retail like I do and you’re bombarded with targets and flashing fake smiles to rude customers as your shifts tick sluggishly by. What I’m trying to say is that, yes, life can be dull – but you can choose to make it brighter.

I was contacted by Eventbrite to create a post as part of their Going Out More Often (GOMO) campaign and as there are so many things I would love to do this year, I was immediately inspired to create this! I’m going to be letting you in on what they are with a snapshot of my 2017 Bucket List. As it’s a Friday evening, hopefully, this will inspire all of you to do something different with your weekend – or at least start planning to!

1. Go on holiday – anyone that knows me well enough will know that my passport has been expired for the past two years. The last time I laid on a beach somewhere was in 2010 with my best friend from secondary school in Florida. 7 years later, I am absolutely aching for warm sandy beaches and beams of golden sun. So thankfully, I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and applied for my passport to be renewed. Yay!
2. Go to a concert – believe it or not, I’ve never been to a concert in my life. Which is surprising because I absolutely love music and have so many bands and artists that I would love to see live. The Fray, Coldplay, The Weeknd… This May I’m going to see Ed Sheeran with my housemates and I couldn’t be more excited. Any thoughts on his latest album, leave them in the comments section below!
3. Join a gym – gym memberships are expensive but I’m graduating in July and with any luck, I’ll have a good graduate job with enough money to afford a gym membership. When it comes to exercising, I hate cardio. I’ve tried running, cardio workouts at home, the treadmill… none of those are for me. I love using the machines or the mats to do floor exercises and if you do enough reps, it can turn into a kind of cardio/strength workout anyway. I’ve been invited to play badminton with some of my friends next week which should be fun. Just don’t ask me to run, because although I give it a damn good try, I am truly terrible.
4. Get a new phone – you might think this slightly defeats the purpose of this post because I’m meant to be encouraging you to go out and have fun experiences. However, I had a terrible phone for two years (an HTC Desire 620) and it meant that I was barely able to document any of the experiences I had. Thanks to one of my good friends, a couple of months ago I managed to get the Samsung Galaxy S7 for a good enough deal and now I can’t stop posting pictures on Instagram of all the beautiful things I see. A new phone means memories of new experiences, so technology is not all bad!
5. Go to a music festival – similar to concerts, I’ve never been to one! Wireless would be insane, I just need to find somebody to go with. 
6. Visit somewhere rural – since moving out of London to university, I’ve developed a real obsession with the countryside. I absolutely adore all the rolling green hills, beautiful houses and historical architecture. I would love to visit somewhere like Scotland for a weekend and just go on a nice walk to enjoy all the views. One of my housemates who lives in Wales has invited to me to spend a weekend with her during the summer, which honestly makes me so excited as country living is honestly such a luxury for someone like me, who has lived in the city all their life.
So those are six of the main things I would like to go out and do this year – half of which, I have either booked or already done, so I’m really not doing too badly at all.
Eventbrite have created a really easy to use (and free!) resource that helps you to plan group events and days out. You can manage all your events in one place, no matter how large or small and it’s designed to help and encourage you to make more memories. Using the promotion tools and RSVP tracker, Eventbrite have made sure that managing and creating upcoming events couldn’t be easier. You can check out their event management tool by clicking here.
If you have any bucket list ideas for this year then I would love to hear them. You can tweet me @TanyaMS_ or follow me on Instagram @tanyatigerella if you just want to have a peek at the things I’m getting up to this year.

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