Ed Sheeran Live at The O2

You might remember from the post I did in collaboration with Eventbrite that I mentioned I was going to my first ever concert this year, to see Ed Sheeran on his Divide tour live at The O2. When my housemate said that she was going to try and get tickets to see him, I knew that there was no way I was going to decline going. Thank God she managed to get them and as soon as she did, I gave her the money right away so that I could go. Tickets cost me £80 altogether, plus £6.50 for parking (split between four of us) which is a lot of money.  A few of my friends were shocked at the price I paid, but it was probably the best way I’ve ever chosen to spend £86.50 in my life. I’m the kind of person who impulse buys almost everything. If I see an item of clothing in a shop, I have to have it. Once it’s in my mind, I can’t stop thinking about it and I genuinely have to have it. Even if I don’t have the money for it at that moment in time, I will find a way to get it as soon as possible. Which is usually where all of my money goes. To be honest if it’s not on clothes, then it goes on food. Oops!

We went to see Ed Sheeran on Tuesday 2nd May, which was his second night at The O2. The time came around so quickly! I can still remember being sat in my 9am creative writing seminar when my housemate was messaging the group about being in the queue for tickets. Months later and I’m sat at home, having already been to his concert and wishing I could go back.

The set list for the night was as follows:

Castle on the Hill
The A Team
Don’t / New Man
Galway Girl
How Would You Feel
Feeling Good / I See Fire
Nancy Mulligan
Thinking Out Loud
Shape of You
You Need Me, I Don’t Need You
Now I love Ed Sheeran’s music and I have done for absolutely years. I remember hearing ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ and rushing to tell my sister about the crazy talented guitarist and singer who just performed the most engaging song I’d heard in a long time. From then, I listened to his first album and fell in love with almost every song. I got my guitar out and learned how to play ‘The A Team’, ‘Lego House’ and then ‘Give Me Love’ – the three songs that made me realise how much I loved his music. I am honestly not claiming to be good at the guitar. I can literally play the four easiest chords (G, D, Em, C) plus Am, A7, Dm, Cadd9 and E. And if any barre chords are ever involved, I just whack a capo on so that I can continue playing songs the easy way!
Back then, I feel like Ed Sheeran’s music spoke to a specific crowd. People like me who like listening to mellow songs with great instrumentation and heartfelt lyrics. Then his second album had songs like ‘Sing’ and ‘Don’t’ that are a little bit more upbeat and expanded his fan base even more. Although I’m a fan of all of his music, it’s the slower, more chilled out songs that I really enjoy listening to. So when I listened to his most recent album, it really wasn’t love at first listen. There are a few songs like ‘Eraser’ that I just don’t really love. ‘Happier’, ‘Supermarket Flowers’, ‘Perfect’ and ‘Hearts Don’t Break Around Here’ are my favourites. So I was happy to see that ‘Barcelona’ and ‘Bibia Be Ye Ye’ weren’t on the set list for the night, as those aren’t really my kind of vibe.
Ed Sheeran had two supporting acts that night. The first, an Irish musician called Ryan McMullan was really good to watch. If you like people like James Bay and Passenger, then you’ll probably love him. As soon as he started playing, I searched for him on Spotify and added him to one of my playlists. If you want to listen to one of his songs, then I would suggest ‘You Don’t Dance’ or ‘A Winter’s Coat’ – both of which I saw him perform live. The second supporting act was Anne Marie. Honestly, I do not want to make this post negative so I’m just going to say that I waited very impatiently for her to get off the stage and leave it at that. 
What really got me super excited to see Ed Sheeran, was the fact that he was going to play literally one of my favourite songs ever – ‘Photograph’. I’m not saying favourite song as in favourite Ed Sheeran song here, no. I’m saying one of my favourite songs of all time, literally. If you know me well enough, you’ll know that Coldplay’s ‘Magic’ is honestly one of the only songs I can listen to about a hundred times and still have the same reaction to as well as never get bored of. Photograph is another and Tom Odell’s ‘Supposed To Be’ is the third. These three songs are just incredible to me, so when you get to see one of your favourite artists playing one of your favourite songs of all time – well there is just nothing like it. As soon as I heard the intro for ‘Photograph’ I started to cry. It was honestly the best moment of my life so far and that is a big statement to make, I know. 
I was so incredibly happy to see some of his older songs on the set list. Hearing ‘Bloodstream’ live was amazing and obviously when ‘The A Team’ was played, I just felt like I had been thrown back in time to singing along with my guitar and my sister when I first started listening to him. I would have loved to hear him play ‘I’m A Mess’ – but still definitely not complaining about the songs he did play! 
The truth is that the whole concert just exceeded all of my expectations. I knew I was going to love it, but I didn’t realise just how much I was going to love it. Ed Sheeran came across as such a normal person. He walked out onto the stage very casually with his guitar and started playing ‘Castle on the Hill’ and the crowd literally went crazy. If that was a Beyonce concert, there would have been a hugely elaborate and dramatic entrance. With Ed Sheeran, everything was just so simple and raw. Just one man on stage with his guitar commanding an audience of thousands of people. I think that’s amazing. 
My highlights of the night, apart from Photograph (obviously) was Ed’s mashup of ‘Feeling Good’ and ‘I See Fire’ which was genuinely sensational. Then for the encore when he performed Shape of You followed by ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’, he created the perfect energy to end the night on a high.
I am slightly disappointed that I have never gone to see Ed Sheeran in the past. If I had seen him when he first went on tour or even on his Multiply tour then I’m sure I would have been even more excited than I was on Tuesday night, because more of my favourite songs would have been played. Songs like ‘Gold Rush’, ‘Autumn Leaves’, ‘I’m A Mess’ and ‘Tenerife Sea’. But regardless, I had an absolutely fantastic night and it was so worth the money. I would honestly pay double or triple that price (if I had the money) to go and see him again. He’s a great performer, incredibly talented and it’s difficult to dislike anything he does. Even the songs he performed that I’m not as keen on, like Nancy Mulligan and Eraser were fantastic to watch. So he really did not disappoint. 
I thought I would blog this and give a review of his concert because it was just too good of an experience to not talk about. Tickets for Ed Sheeran sell out super fast, but if you ever get the opportunity to see him, then I would honestly encourage you to take it if you can, regardless of the price. 
Outfit Details (from my instagram post on the right!):
Skirt – Topshop
Jacket – Zara
Top – New Look
Choker – Primark
Earrings – Primark
Shoes – Converse

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