Health Aroma Spa Day

I thought I would write a post today about my experience with Health Aroma Spas. Last Sunday, a friend and I booked in for a spa day at the Thistle City Hotel in Barbican. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for absolutely ages, but I haven’t been able to organise or afford. Recently, I’ve been able to save up quite a bit of money and I decided that I wanted to do something nice for myself that wasn’t just the usual buying clothes or make-up.
We found a voucher for the spa day on Treatwell that gave us 2 for 1 for spa access, a glass of champagne each and one 30 minute treatment for a total of £79. Split between two people I thought that was very reasonably priced! For an extra £25 you could also book in a massage, which of course we did because why not?!
I thought the quality of the spa and the treatments themselves were really good value for money. You got spa access all day, including a steam room and a sauna. I have to be honest, I have no idea why anybody would want to sit in a steam room or a sauna. We tried to go into both and we just did not see the point of sitting there sweating one out. I have no clue what either of them are supposed to do, but the sauna was not pleasant at all. And as for the steam room, I went in there for about 5 seconds, couldn’t breathe and genuinely felt like I was going to be sick because there was no fresh air to inhale. I’m not sure if all saunas and steam rooms feel like that but they were both horrendous in my opinion. This has nothing to do with the spa facilities at the hotel itself, it’s more to do with the type of spa facility. I just don’t understand what the appeal is with those two.
In terms of the swimming pool and the jacuzzi, they were both pretty standard. The jets in the jacuzzi were really forceful and actually hurt my legs a little bit. The swimming pool was nice as it wasn’t too deep or big so it was quite relaxing. FYI I can’t swim, so if it had been any deeper I probably would have drowned. There were loungers along the side too which were nice to just lie on, be quiet and be left to your own thoughts while you waited for your treatments.
I will say that the appearance of the spa was beautiful. You can see in the picture above that the tiling and the pillars made it feel very exotic and it was easy to feel like you were on holiday even though we were just tucked away in a hotel in London.
In terms of the treatment, mine was done by Galia who was very welcoming and did an amazing job. I’ve never had a professional massage before but it was sooo relaxing and she really loosened the knots in my neck. You do have to be quite comfortable to go and get something like this done, as you are basically wearing next to nothing. For this massage, I didn’t get to keep anything on but a pair of knickers. You also have to sort of disassociate from the fact that a random person is touching you for a very prolonged period of time. But once you do, you can appreciate how calming it is and how valuable it is in terms of relaxing any tensions in your muscles.
I also had a facial, which I have to say was the best skincare treatment I have ever had in my life. I am prone to getting blocked pores on my nose and after the facial, my pores had been cleared and my skin felt so soft. The products used were all from a German skincare company which unfortunately you cannot buy online. They are only stocked in Health Aroma spas. Time was really taken on my skin and there were at least six different steps, including a face mask. I love a good face mask and I am big on skincare anyway, so as soon as I saw the treatment options, I knew I would be picking this one. The other options included a scalp massage, a manicure or a pedicure.
After the massage and the facial, I felt so relaxed that I actually felt sleepy! We finished at about 3pm as we didn’t choose to go back into the spa after our treatments. Overall, the experience was exactly what I expected. I really enjoyed it and I think that for the price, it’s definitely something that you should try if you’re looking for an affordable spa day in London. My only criticism is that it wasn’t in a very nice area. The two closest stations are Old Street and Barbican and the general area looked a little bit run down. The hotel itself was very elegant looking, but it seemed a little bit like a gem tucked away amongst a pile of rubbish. Although what I will say is that this is something which is definitely reflected in the price.

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