Ways to Spend Your Time In London

The fact that I live in London and have done so all my life makes it kind of difficult for me to see the allure of living here. Everyone seems to love a vibrant, bustling city, but I’ve long since been converted to the quiet country life. Having basically been a granny since birth this will come of no surprise to many of you. Although I love a good cocktail or a gin and tonic of an evening, I must admit that when I picture myself feeling bliss, it’s an image of me sat in front of a fireplace with a book in my lap and a mocha on the coffee table in front of me. 

Having said this, I have recently found myself doing a lot of fun things with my free time. Probably as a result of the drag of having to go to work every day now, I try to make my free time as engaging and different as possible. I rarely have a day where I am at home and haven’t left the house now, whereas during university you could always find me in bed with the curtains closed at any given time during the day. 

The Alchemist

I visited The Alchemist a couple of weeks ago now with a good friend from university and I was hugely impressed. Not just your average bar with the same old cocktails, this one has a really cool scientific vibe to it. I’m sure you can guess this from the name!

All of the cocktails are served in little mixing jars or chemical bottles. There’s smoke, sparks, all kinds of weird stuff coming out of your drink to make it feel like an actual concoction.

We ordered the flavour changing one and the colour changing one. Both were very sweet. The colour changing one was absolutely delicious although I can’t remember what was in it. As the flavour changing one was disgusting, I can tell you exactly what it was – mint and chocolate was the second flavour and it was so vile I had to down the remaining half in one.

The colour changing one was really fun as we had to mix it ourselves and then we obviously got to watch it change colour. It was all very exciting.

On the same day we also went to Swingers, a mini golf club that was soo much fun and I would highly recommend!

Rumpus Rooms

For a work friend’s birthday we went to Rumpus Rooms, which is on something like the 20th floor of The Mondrian Hotel in Blackfriars.

The drinks were very expensive, I think it was something like £14 a drink (unless I was already a bit drunk and can’t accurately remember the price) but we got our first drinks for free because it came with our tickets or something like that.

It’s very colourful, not huge, but nice enough for a good time out. I also had quite a good gin and tonic so can’t really complain!

The only weird thing was the entertainer guy who was at the elevators directing everyone to the right floor because he was an absolute freak who kept making NOT FUNNY sexual jokes. Piece of trash.

Windsor Castle

Okay so cheating a little bit here as this isn’t in London, but close enough! If you haven’t been to Windsor Castle then I would definitely recommend it.

I quite enjoy seeing historical things – mainly artwork. I really enjoyed seeing the state rooms and the galleries inside the castle as I just love any kind of traditional portrait and anything really decadent and dripping in rich colours and accents of gold.

The only disappointing thing about my visit was the fact that I was waiting all day to go into the gardens, only to find that they are not open to the public!

I also took this sneaky little picture even though it said no photography. Which I really didn’t appreciate because you would come to Windsor Castle to take photos! Whose memory is advanced enough to remember everything?!

SISU London

Next stop was a little rooftop bar in Marble Arch called SISU. It’s tucked away up a flight of weird looking stairs that sort of make you feel like you’re climbing into a serial killer’s lair. I can’t lie I did feel pretty apprehensive with each flight of stairs, but I was with one of my best friends so if we were going to die, we were going to do it together.

When we did finally get to the top though it was very pretty. There were fairy lights, lots of wooden panels and plants so it was all very picturesque.

The cocktails were honestly some of the strongest I’ve had so I had to get my friend to finish mine – although she didn’t mind. Also not too badly priced at about £8 each.

The views over Oxford Street weren’t too overbearing and on a sunny day like the one we went on, it was very nice and relaxing.

Le Pain Quotidien

Continuing the birthday celebrations from SISU on Friday, today I went to Le Pain Quotidien for lunch. I’ve seen this restaurant for years as it’s literally about twenty minutes down the road from me, but I’ve never tried it. I have to say, it has quickly become one of my favourites – which I know sounds strange seeing as I’ve only been there once. But the food was so delicious and the service was so exceptional that I would definitely go there again without hesitation.

We were seated within seconds of walking in, which is sometimes very rare. Given enough time to decide what we wanted, didn’t have to wait ridiculous times for our food but it also didn’t come out so quickly that we wondered where it actually came from.

I ordered the chicken and leek pie, which came with baby potatoes, green beans and carrots. For dessert I had a tarte tartin with cream and it was the best dessert I have had in a very long time I must say.

The National Gallery

Final stop is The National Gallery, which despite living in London my whole life I have never visited. As I mentioned earlier, I really love artwork but only very specific kinds. I’m not a fan of modern art or anything really abstract. It’s got to be very detailed, not too bright and I have a particular fascination with portraits. Anything from the renaissance period or any classical artwork is an absolute dream for me to look at. There were quite a few pieces inspired by characters from Greek mythology too, but it’s the random stuff I find really interesting. I read the descriptions of a fair few portraits that were just of “A woman” or “A soldier” which I really liked. I also thought the ceiling was pretty impressive!

That’s pretty much everything I’ve been up to this past month or so. If you’re looking for things to do in London, then why not try some of these?!

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