Taking The Day Off

Skincare is one of my favourite things and although I don’t have the most perfect skin in the world, I will invest money into products that I know will improve the look and feel of my skin. I think the key to confidence comes from your skincare routine. Most days I don’t wear foundation anymore. I switched to using a tinted moisturiser quite a few months ago now and I am so much happier for it. It’s a lighter formula and it allows my skin to breathe. I remember this one time I went to the gym after a day at work wearing foundation and as I was on the cross trainer I could just feel the sweat pushing through the foundation and both of them clogging up my pores. It was a disgusting feeling and I actually had a rash underneath my eye after that day for about a week or so. So since then, if I’m going to the gym I won’t usually wear any face make-up because I don’t want to risk doing that to my skin again.

But even when I wear a tinted moisturiser, I still get home and have that itch to just get all the make up off my face and feel fresh and free. I have so many skincare products that at times it can be difficult to know what to use. If you want some more scientific information on which skincare products might be best for you then I would very much recommend checking out this handy list of products. It will guide you through the specific issues you might have with your skin, like dark circles and fine lines and tell you which products you should consider using. Of course, everybody’s skin is different, but it can be very overwhelming to see all of the different skincare products in Boots, both affordable and high end. So this is a really good starting point if you’re feeling a little bit lost.

The problems I face with my skin are minimal really. I have oily skin for a start and I will usually get a handful of spots on my left cheek – right where I like to apply my blusher, which is annoying! So to combat those problems I use a variety of products. Face masks 1-2 times a week depending on how my skin is looking and I will always cleanse and moisturise my face in the evenings. If you know me well enough you will know that I do this even after a night out – straight to the bathroom to remove my make-up and cleanse my face. Can’t be dealing with clumped lashes and clogged pores when I wake up in the morning!

Instead of just rambling on about skincare as I have probably done already, I thought it would be easier to just take some photos. So today, when I got home from work, I went into the bathroom and took a few shots to show you what I do.

  1. Tie my hair up into a bun to make sure it doesn’t get wet during this process. We all know that feeling of leaning over the sink and realising you’ve wet the end of your hair and caused some really unnecessary frizz which will have to be fixed using some even more unnecessary heat which will then have to be fixed using heat damage shampoos and conditioners etc etc. Lets avoid this as much as we can.
2. I remove my make-up at the moment using an eye make-up remover gel and a facial wipe. Both are from the Boots Essentials Cucumber range. I find that a gel works so much better to dislodge mascara and eyeliner and this make-up remover is so cheap! It’s definitely under £2 and it works like a dream, takes it all off in seconds.

3. To actually cleanse my face I have been using the Clinique 3 Step treatment. I start off with the facial soap, then use the toner (which I would never usually use!) and then the moisturiser. I am really liking all 3 products at the moment. I use number 3, which is formulated for combination to oily skin. Using a facial soap makes so much more of a difference in actually making your skin feel clean. Sometimes you use a cleanser and it’s something so elaborate that you have to wonder whether it is actually doing anything for your skin or not. However this really feels like it has cleaned your skin. The toner is really strong and it kind of smells like vodka which I don’t really like; but I use it because it is part of the 3 steps and for the whole treatment to work, you need to use everything together. Finally I use the moisturiser. This moisturiser is unlike any moisturisers I have ever used before. Your skin absorbs this moisturiser like it’s been deprived of hydration for the past 3 years. You work it in to your skin and it literally vanishes. You can’t feel any tack to it afterwards so it’s extremely lightweight, but you definitely notice how soft your skin feels. So even though it doesn’t feel hydrating, it kind of is because your skin has actually absorbed it, rather than other moisturisers which just sit on the surface – perhaps giving the impression that they are moisturising when they really aren’t.

4. After this, I get changed into my pj’s, put my glasses on and put some type of lip balm on. Nothing special just whatever I can find which is usually one of the flavoured Body Shop ones or a swipe of my sugar coated Vaseline.

5. Finally, I move on to sort out my hair. The only oil I use in my hair is my trusty jojoba oil, because this is what I have been using for years and it is what works for me. I know that a lot of people, well pretty much everyone, uses coconut oil or argan oil in their hair, but neither of them really work as well for my hair. I have honestly been using jojoba oil since secondary school, so my hair has become accustomed to it now. Recently I managed to find my jojoba oil in actual oil form and it has quickly become one of my favourites. A few drops before bed leaves my hair soft and shiny and I don’t need to do anything to it in the mornings which is like a dream come true. Obviously I still need to brush it, but I never need to straighten it or add any more moisture, so this is great. And just as an fyi, the brand of jojoba oil I use is ORS. Pretty much every oil product I use is from the ORS brand, which again, I have been using for as long as I can remember.

6. To finish off my evening routine, I just brush my hair out, get into bed and put on something I like. This is either Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away, Doctor Foster or Liar. 
Products mentioned:
Boots Cucumber Eye Make-Up Remover Gel
Boots Cucumber Cleansing Wipes
Clinque 3 Step Cleanser in number 3: Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion/Toner and Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel
ORS Jojoba Oil
These are the skincare products and this is the routine that works for me. If you’re wondering what you should be using, then I would definitely recommend checking out this tool. Although the guide is specifically about eye creams, the ingredients and the scientific facts mentioned can be applied to the whole face, so it’s useful in helping you to consider what to use in the future. The prices are in dollars, yes, but that’s nothing Google can’t fix for all of us in the UK. Besides, it just opens up your eyes to some new brands you may not have tried before and gives you an idea of the science behind skincare, which I personally find very interesting. Thank you to Reviews.com for getting in touch with me about this post as I’ve been meaning to write something on skincare for some time now! You can check their guide out here.
Other than that, thank you so much for reading!

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