The Longline Blazer

Today’s post is getting a little bit more fashion orientated. As was the last post actually, where I discussed my top pieces for transitioning into my favourite seasons – Autumn/Winter. Many of us who work full time might feel like blazers remind us of going to work. I hate my work blazer. Sometimes I don’t even wear it because I think it’s horrible. I recently invested in one that doesn’t have a collar which I much prefer, but it’s still black and a little bit boring so I can’t say I love it. When it comes to wearing blazers outside of work, there are so many high street options out there and I truly do believe that a blazer can make any simple outfit look 100% more put together. One of my favourite bloggers who does this is Patricia Bright. She is always wearing a nice tailored blazer or a brightly coloured cropped jacket, which I also love wearing. Take this lovely pink suede jacket for example:
But today we are talking about blazers and that more tailored, upscale look. Recently I went shopping and found this pink blazer in the H&M sale. I was actually out shopping looking for work clothes, but happened to find nothing for work and only this blazer instead. It was £40 and had gone down to £9, so naturally, I had to buy it. A blazer like this isn’t usually my style. I like to wear quite cute, girly looking pieces. Lots of mini skirts and collared or floral dresses. Things with ruched sleeves, pleated skirts etc. But when I saw that this blazer was so cheap, I thought I might as well give it a go and see how it looks.
Longline blazers like this are, in my opinion, treading a fine line between Essex and Chelsea. Take a look at any of the Towie girls on Instagram and you’ll find them in long blazers, low cut tops, jeans and heels. It’s very pretty which is what makes it very reminiscent of Essex girls’ style, but it’s also got that tailored Chelsea feel to it too. I’ve actually been going back and forth about buying something like this for a while. There was a long blazer from Zara that I had been pining after for some time (I’ll insert a picture of it below), but this blazer was £80 and I just couldn’t quite commit to such a huge purchase. It was a gorgeous vibrant red with gold accents on it, a beautiful tailored fit and it was my absolute dream. But then I deliberated too long and unfortunately it went out of stock. I then saw it again a few months later and it had gone down to £40, but once again, I decided against buying it.
This is not the first time this has happened either. Last Winter I found the most stunning pale blue blazer-coat. It had a fur collar, a little belt to tie it up around the middle with too. If you took the belt and fur off it would look like a longline blazer, put the belt and fur back on and it would have been the perfect Winter coat. Again, I have a photo in it below! I decided against buying this one as at the time it was still pretty warm outside. I then saw it again during my university student shopping night for £35 instead of £70 and what did I do? I decided not to buy it. So to all of you who think I shop excessively, this is proof that my purchases are sometimes considerably thought out!!
So with the sadness of those lost coats and blazers cast aside, we can now appreciate the blazer that actually did make it into my wardrobe. I love the colour. Pink has become an integral part of my wardrobe now, I can’t even deny it. There is actually a whole pink section on my clothes rail now and it is well deserved. I like that the blazer has real pockets instead of those fake ones you sometimes get and the material has a really lovely soft feel to it. I paired it with an all black outfit to make sure the blazer was the statement piece, as I feel like these things always must be. I’m just wearing Topshop Jamie jeans in black and a Zara lace trim bodysuit. On my feet I am wearing my trusty pink loafers from New Look, which you might notice are also pictured above. They have been with me for many years now and I love them.
Accessories wise, this River Island chain strap bag makes almost any outfit look way more expensive than it is. Why? Because it’s got that classic chain detail that marks Chanel as Chanel. Paired with a blazer like this, simple make up and small earrings (nothing too garish, please) and you’ve got yourself a more expensive look in seconds!

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