Transitional Autumn Pieces

I’m no fashion expert or fashionista, but I am always quite conscious of what I’m wearing. I very rarely throw something on without thinking about it and my outfits are always put together. Autumn is one of those seasons where basics are just essential. I don’t think there are any Summer basics as such. During the summer you wear lots of different prints, different pieces, different colours so there aren’t really any staple summer pieces. During the Autumn/Winter months, there are plenty!
Leather Jackets
I love me a leather jacket – as we all know! There are so many different styles of leather jackets out there, big cosy ones, fur lined ones, biker ones. All you need as a staple is just a simple cropped leather jacket and sometimes if it doesn’t have an actual collar it works a little bit better when going over jumpers like the roll neck I’m wearing above. If you can afford to invest in a fur lined one then it’s an absolute dream for cold Winter nights. I picked one up last year from Wallis and it’s one of the warmest jackets I own, it’s amazing!
Jumper Dresses

Jumper dresses are one of the only things during the colder months that can keep your style feeling pretty and feminine rather than just practical. Definitely a must-have! With a pair of thick tights and a necklace to accessorise, I can’t recommend having one in your wardrobe enough
Boxy Jumpers

These loose fit jumpers are so cheap and so easy to just throw on with a pair of jeans and some boots. You can usually find them on offer or just find them for really cheap. They’re not always that thick but you can just throw on a black vest underneath and a nice winter scarf and you’re all set for those colder evenings
Heeled Ankle Boots
I know there is a huge trend for over the knee boots and although I feel they do look nice, I much prefer a simple block heel ankle boot. Over the knee boots are so popular and sometimes it just looks like you’re trying so hard. For a more practical and classic look, I recommend a statement ankle boot
Tartan Scarves
My final Autumn essential is a tartan scarf. Tartan scarves just take any basic all-one-colour or no pattern outfit to the next level. I also feel like tartan is just one of those patterns that looks good in any colour. You wouldn’t buy a green and pink polka dot scarf, but a green and pink tartan scarf would probably work quite well! And if you get a scarf that’s big enough it can also double up as a blanket too, which is a definite win

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