My Top 5 Shops For Christmas Gifts

With Christmas just over a month away, it’s time to start thinking about getting your Christmas shopping sorted – if you haven’t already! I’ve bought the majority of my gifts already because I like to be as prepared as possible. Anything I see from now up until Christmas will be bought as an extra gift, if it’s worth it.
Christmas shopping is undoubtedly stressful, particularly when you’ve been buying gifts for the exact same people for the past ten or so years. Your mum? Your siblings? What can you get them that you haven’t actually got them already. If your mum opens a bottle of perfume this year, will she really be surprised? I think not. It can be difficult to think outside the box. Particularly with gift advertising being so predictable. Have you ever clicked on the ‘Gifts for Her’ section of a website – it’s overwhelmingly obvious.
So, I am aiming with this post, to give you some different ideas of things to buy and places to shop. Lets cut out the gifts section of Boots that you visit the week before Christmas or The Body Shop or the gift cards you buy as a cop out when you get to the till in your brother’s favourite shop. Below you will find my top five shops to visit this December for all of your Christmas needs!

Pictured above, Anthropologie is one of my favourite shops to visit. Mainly because of it’s gorgeous aesthetic, I always find myself popping in there for a browse. I skip all of the clothes, as although they do have some nice pieces, I find that it has a bit more of an older vibe than what I’m generally looking for – although I will shamelessly admit that sometimes I do dress like a granny. A fashionable granny though I’d like to think. So instead of clothes, I go straight to the middle section, which is filled with the most precious homeware bits and pieces. Cushions, bowls, cutlery sets, diaries, jewellery, glasses. There has got to be something for everybody in this shop. If you like accents of gold, you’ll find plenty. If you like busy patterns, you’ll find plenty. If you like bold, vibrant colours, again you’ll find plenty. And if you go in there and don’t like anything, then not to worry as I’ve plenty more stores listed below.
Oliver Bonas

Last week when I was at the station waiting for my train to Bournemouth, I popped into the Oliver Bonas at Waterloo Station. This is a bit of a new find for me. Although I’ve heard of it before, I’ve never actually been inside. I always thought it looked a bit pretentious and over-priced, but to my surprise, it was quite the opposite. They have a range of different gifts and I was mainly drawn to their selection of books – from health and wellbeing, to cookery, to general advice. It’s not everyday you want to read a novel right? Plus they had lots of little bits and pieces like hand soaps, candles and lip balms which collectively could make a lovely little gift bag for someone.  
Urban Outfitters

Once again, never really been into Urban Outfitters and I always used to get it mixed up with American Apparel. But oh boy was I surprised when I went in there for the first time the other day. Firstly, the clothes are amazing. I saw about ten mini skirts that I need to buy. Glittery crop tops, sequin mini dresses – my dream. On the flip side, they had loads of oversized jumpers, bralettes, just comfy clothes basically. And I noticed brands like Adidas and Calvin Klein being stocked, so I was very pleasantly surprised. As well as all of this, the gift section as so cute and quirky! They were selling those Polaroid cameras that everyone has, the Instamix I think is what they’re called. They had unicorn hot water bottles, grow your own.. kits, so many little things you would never even think of buying. So it’s definitely worth popping in there too.

Mentioning Next particularly for their home section. I was quite drawn to some of their canvasses, which are so cheap. £15 a canvas means that I can replace all the Twilight posters on my wall (it’s almost time…) for something like £45 if I bought three. Plus they’ve got lights, as in like centrepiece lights not fairy lights! Place mats, cushions, photo frames, toasters. I think that gifts for your home are some of the best gifts you can receive and Next are a very affordable shop. Plus, what mum doesn’t love Next? It’s like the more interesting version of M&S.
Cult Beauty/Beauty Bay

Finally, if you haven’t heard of Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay then you probably only buy your make-up at Boots or large department stores. Those are the convenient options. But if you want something different – Make Up Geek, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, Morphe, Zoeva then this is the place to get it all. I am currently looking at a blush palette from Juvia’s Place, trying to decide whether or not it’s worth buying. And these are all brands that you won’t find in any stores in the UK as far as I’m aware!
Hopefully this post gives you a few more ideas about where to shop this Christmas. So leave the gift cards, perfume and jewellery and put a little bit more thought into your gifts this year!

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