The Netflix Series’ You Should Be Watching

With the weather being the way it is now, it’s so much easier to curl up in bed and log into Netflix. Especially now that I’m not back in work until after Christmas! I watch Netflix every single week thanks to my wonderful sister for letting me use her account. I even watch it on my phone sometimes, which I find is so much more relaxing. So if you’re used to watching Netflix on your laptop, give watching it on your phone a try too. You can also download episodes to watch on the way to work (another thing I do) or watch while you’re at the gym – which I’ve never thought of doing until now actually. There are just so many ways to watch comfortably and so many different programmes to indulge in too.

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing my top Netflix series with you. Some of them I have only started recently. As recently as today for one of them! Others I have been watching for weeks or even months now. I know that we’ve all logged into Netflix, scrolled for at least 30 minutes and then decided that there is nothing we want to watch. So hopefully this will guide you into actually using Netflix for what it’s for instead of just browsing everything it has to offer.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Riverdale is going to be top of my list. I have been loving Riverdale since it was first released and I’ve written a post about it on this blog before, which you can read here. Season two of Riverdale has been a little bit up and down. There has been a lot going on, lots of new characters and lots of interesting relationships being explored between existing characters. I must say that there has also been some very amateur plotting. I won’t go into detail now, as I’ll probably write a full review of the second season once it’s finished. However, I have still found myself going back to it every single week and for that reason, along with Cheryl and Veronica’s outfits every week, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to watch. If you like dark, twisted secondary school drama (who doesn’t?) then you’ll love this.

Next up on my list is none other than Louis Theroux. They have Louis Theroux on Netflix guys and it has just made my life. I only started watching good old Louis a couple of months ago, so I am pretty late. However, I just find him so likeable and so honest with his documentaries. He asks all of the questions you want to ask, but probably shouldn’t, yet somehow he gets away with it. Type in Louis Theroux on Netflix and there are so many episodes to watch. They have his Weird Weekends series, LA Stories series, one he did about life after having a brain injury. I mean what more could you need.

This next one I have only seen the first episode of, but I find it very intriguing. It’s a new series called Dark which essentially follows the mystery of a child that has gone missing in a small German town. Unfortunately, it has English dubbing over it, as all of the actors are speaking German. Sometimes this makes it really distracting to follow, but once you get over it, I actually think it’s quite good. It’s got a really sinister feel to it, almost like you’re watching a horror movie, which has kind of made me feel a bit unnerved and apprehensive to watch the next episode. The good thing about horror movies is that once they’re over they’re over, until the second part is released some years later or something. But with this series, it’s not over because there are ten, hour long episodes to watch. It’s one of those programmes that you’ve really got to concentrate on, which is why I haven’t yet allocated time to watch the second episode, but I will!

Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away is one of my weird little obsessions. I find it fascinating how people react to debt. There are some people who immediately become very distressed and it’s literally gut wrenching. I watched an episode once where a woman was getting evicted and had no clue where her and her children were going to be staying that night. She worked shifts at Wilko to support her and her son and that was her only income. She didn’t have a single family member in the country that she could call either. But not everybody on the show has a story like this. Other people become volatile, shout in denial, become violent. I watched one where the debtors threatened to set a bomb off on the officers. I just find it really interesting.

Quite a different vibe from the above is Gypsy. I came across this one day when I was trying to find something to watch and I was hooked. I watched an episode a day and just couldn’t stop. Sadly this one isn’t going to be renewed for a second series, but thinking back to the last episode, I can’t really see how they could extend it. We follow the story of a therapist whose seemingly perfect life quickly spirals out of control once she entangles herself in the lives of her patients instead. And then there is her husband, busy in the corporate world, trying to deny the very obvious attraction he feels for his secretary. As well as her daughter, who is struggling with issues of gender identity; which is complicated by her mother’s secret bisexuality. It’s all very twisted and writing this has made me realise that the set up is actually quite similar to Doctor Foster. So if you like that, maybe try this too. 

Finally on my list, it something I just started watching today and which kind of inspired me to write this post. It’s called The Mist and it was released earlier this year. If you’ve ever watched Lost or The Walking Dead then you’ll probably enjoy this as it has a very similar survival vibe. It’s about a mist that engulfs a small town and obviously, everybody has to try and survive it. But there are some characters, like the guy at the beginning, who just appear and you don’t really know how they got there. This inevitably raises some questions. Everybody also has their own story and we start off following the story of one family. They have a disagreement, something very dramatic happens and suddenly their lives begin to disintegrate. Due to the mist, they also become separated. So this, I feel, is definitely one to watch. 

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