7 Problems Only Gym Goers Will Understand

In today’s post we’re keeping things very simple. All I’m going to be talking about are the things that annoy me about going to the gym, for no other particular reason than that I just felt like writing a post about this. Everybody has different experiences when going to the gym and even though I go a lot, I feel like I’m still very new to it. There are still machines at the gym that I have no idea how to use or exercises that I only dare try out when nobody else is around. Usually, I write posts talking about how much I love going to the gym because of how great it makes me feel. But there are still things about it that really tick me off when I go sometimes and here they are!

When you’re on a machine and somebody comes up to you to ask how long you’re going to be. Thankfully this hasn’t ever happened to me, but I’ve seen this happen to quite a few others and it really makes me cringe. If somebody is in the middle of a workout, firstly, I don’t think that you should disturb them. Secondly, it’s kind of rude, no? I completely get that you might really need to use that one machine and you feel that they’re taking a while, but sometimes (well quite often actually) the equipment you want is in use and you just need to find something else.

When you go with a partner and they try to have a chat while you’re working out. I used to go to the gym with my mum all the time and she is the absolute worst at this. She’ll start talking to you about TV shows, what you want for dinner, start asking questions about the exercises you’re doing. How is anybody meant to focus on working out with someone constantly in their ear?! After a while I did just tell her that I couldn’t concentrate and we started doing our separate workouts and just meeting back at the entrance when we were done – worked a treat. P.S I know my mum reads all of my blog posts so love you mum!

When you gear up to go and lift some heavier weights and then find that the weights section is too busy. So I’ve upped the weights I squat to 20kg (still pretty basic I know) which, in my gym, can only be found in the heavy lifting area. Went to do some squats today and no word of a lie there were at least ten people crowding the weights area – all men by the way. This is fine if you pay Ā£1000 for a huge gym like Nuffield or Virgin Active, but my gym is fairly small. Even if I wanted to try and wedge myself in there it would have been impossible to workout. So this meant that I had to change my plans and do some jump squats with the medicine balls instead.

When someone is just sitting on a machine, texting and not using it. I feel like people do this with the bikes and the mats all the time. If you’re taking a break then fine, you’re still in the middle of a workout. But if you’re just waiting there then oh my god, please can you not!

When people take locker keys home with them. There is currently only one locker at my gym that seems to ever have a key, because people keep taking them home! During busy times it’s so difficult to grab yourself a locker, as we only have about twenty lockers, but there are other storage areas too. And it’s just bad manners to take something home with you that isn’t yours…

When you want to watch a bit of Dinner Date or Come Dine With Me while you work out and there is no TV signal. I watch a range of things at the gym. I once watched a Labour vs Conservative debate, I’ve watched Hollyoaks (although I have no clue what’s going on), the news, the cooking channel – one of my faves to watch while working out obviously. Usually I have my music playing and I’m just watching the screen, but when I can’t even watch the screen it just annoys me. I’ve started using the “views” option and selecting track on the cross trainer, so that I can see how many laps I’ve done and I do really like this, but sometimes I just want to watch the TV.

Finally, when people just walk away from their machines midway through their workout. Go and grab some water, some tissue, whatever that’s fine. But when they walk away from the machine because they’ve finished their workout, but they don’t actually select end workout on the machine, it’s just confusing for anybody waiting! Are you finished? Are you going to get a towel? Going to the toilet? What are you doing?!

With that little rant over, I just want to stress that this is all light-hearted. We all know that the gym has fast become one of my favourite places and even though my gym isn’t amazing, I still go back there every week so it’s doing something right. If you have any gym pet peeves then I would love to hear about them too!

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