Dressing for an occasion with Quiz Clothing

The weather has been so up and down recently. Last Saturday it felt like we were finally getting into Spring, the sun was shining, there was a mild breeze and for the first time in ages I wore a jacket outside instead of a coat and didn’t feel cold! However, this week everything has become so much colder again. Which is such a shame because I am desperately waiting for the weather where you can pop out without having to wear boots and a winter hat to keep you warm.

Despite this, I am still very much trying to inject new colours and styles into my wardrobe this year. My wardrobe is 80% deep berry and red tones because I’ve just become so comfortable knowing that those shades suit me and the make-up that I wear. For example, I have a yellow floral blouse in my wardrobe that I’ve worn only once and that was on my birthday last year. I haven’t worn it again because I feel like I have to wear a nude lip with it and I much prefer wearing a deep red or pink. I mean in theory you can always just wear whatever the hell you want, but it’s about feeling comfortable and confident in the things you wear.
Bearing this in mind, I decided to pick something up from Quiz Clothing. I think Quiz is best known for its gorgeous range of occasion wear pieces. A good few years back now when I was searching for prom dresses I fell in love with the huge range of styles and options that they have. In fact, I got my first ever prom dress from Quiz and loved it. If you’re looking for an affordable brand with a range of colours, styles and just the right amount of dazzle, then you should definitely check out their occasion dresses here.

Also, with things like graduation ceremonies coming up too, I know first hand how stressful it can be to find the right dress. A little tip is that, rather than going shopping and trying on everything you possibly can, I found it much easier to have a little browse online, narrow my choices down to a few specific styles and colours and then go from there. That way, when you’re in the shops you know what to look for and you’re not just grabbing anything and everything that catches your eye – which for me is plenty!

When it comes to dressing for special occasions though, you don’t always want to wear a dress. In today’s post, I wanted to show how you can use one item to really up-scale any casual outfit. I think it’s obvious that I am obsessed with well-fitting, tailored pieces. I love wearing blazers with more casual looking outfits because they are just so versatile and can be worn with jeans, dresses, whatever you want really! And if you want to wear them in more of a smart way then you can easily pair them with a fitted dress or smart trousers too.

However, I have a ton of blazers in my collection now and I wanted to choose something a bit different and see how it would work when I tried to style it. I was having a rummage online through some of the pieces on the Quiz website and when I saw this cropped coral jacket I had to get it. I absolutely love it and plus, at £7.19 in the sale it was an absolute steal!!!

It’s completely versatile. I chose to pair it with jeans, heels and my gorgeous Tory Burch bag. Wearing a plain white top with just a little bit of scallop detail made sure that the focus remained on the jacket itself. I also really loved the contrast of the white against the coral, against the vibrant red of the bag. I think it all just screams Spring.
If you wanted to dress it up a little bit more, you could easily pair this jacket with a white floral dress or some white tailored trousers when it gets a little bit warmer and you could wear this to a summer wedding, a birthday event or just out for any other kind of special events you have coming up too. I also really love the way that the gold jewellery and shoes complimented the jacket. A good way to make necklaces look more casual is to layer them or to get something with a few charms on it rather than one. And a great way to avoid that sole-snapping feeling when you’re walking in heels is to get something that isn’t pointy and to get something that has a block heel and an ankle strap for support. These styles also make your outfit look more wearable during the day.

I really was taking a risk when I bought this jacket. I don’t have anything this colour in my wardrobe and you never know how true to colour things are going to show up in person, compared to when you see them online. But this jacket doesn’t come up too orange or too pink, it’s just the perfect wearable medium.

A colour like this isn’t one that you would necessarily think is wearable, but after taking a chance and styling it myself I can tell that it’s going to be one of the most worn items in my wardrobe this Spring/Summer. Personally, I tend not to buy into trends as I like to wear pieces that not many people are going to be wearing at the same time. Then again, if you like to play it a little bit safer with something that you know will definitely look good, then there’s nothing wrong with that either. The great thing about Quiz is that you’ll find a range of styles, fits and colours to choose from. Plus with lots of frills, lace, floral and embellished details you’ll honestly be spoilt for choice.

This post was sponsored but all the creative content here is my own!
Huge thank you to my sister Christina for being an amazing photographer x

Thank you for reading!

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