Things You Love/Hate About Bloggers

In recent years, blogging has become huge. When I started this little space on the internet blogging was nothing like it is today. It was more privatised, something that you just did for fun or because you wanted an outlet for all the buzzing ideas and opinions in your head. Now? Blogging is about making money, being famous and getting sent free stuff. It’s completely different.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about some of the things we both love and hate about bloggers. This is in no way shaming or criticising any bloggers, I just have to put that out there. I am clearly a blogger myself and I have a lot of love and support for pretty much everyone who does it too. It’s not easy putting yourself out on the internet. In fact, it’s really quite nerve racking a lot of the time! But I blog because I love writing, I love being creative and it’s just something that I genuinely really enjoy. So without rambling on and on, lets just get into this post.

Probably the biggest thing that we all hate about bloggers is the fact that we take so many photos. Everything is a photoshoot. If there is a pretty, interesting or “Instagrammable” backdrop/setting, we will be taking photos. And if you’re lucky enough to be with us, then you’ll be the one taking the photos! It’s just something we can’t resist and we are unapologetic for it. Such a huge part of having a successful blog comes down to the photos you take and we just cannot miss an opportunity. So you’ll probably love us for always suggesting that we go to the most picturesque places (it’s never going to be brunch at your local café unless it’s got enough quirk for a good photo) and you’ll hate us just as much for making you our photographer for the day. Shout out to my sister, again for being the best photographer there is!

This next one goes hand in hand with the above, but we always have to be wearing an outfit. There is a difference between just getting dressed and putting on an outfit. Obviously it’s not just bloggers who do this, but particularly us bloggers just cannot leave the house without having really put a look together. My sister has a go at me for it all the time. “Just a casual look today Tanya,” she’ll tell me. Five minutes later I’m in knee high boots and a leather jacket, planning what lipstick to wear and which earrings will go best with the hardware and detail on my bag. We are just so high maintenance.

When it comes to make-up, we are exactly the same. As soon as I start getting ready for anything, popping downstairs to the supermarket or going shopping with a friend, I’m thinking about what sort of look to go for. Is it going to be a halo eye? Are we going to wing our liner today? What shade of blush do I wear and do I go for a bold lip or a nude lip? A matte lip or a gloss? It’s never just a bit of mascara and a swipe of lip balm. Most of us bloggers have that one thing we just love to exaggerate with our make-up. For me, it’s a bold lip. Fifty shades of pink is the best way to describe all the lipsticks I own. I’ve also recently gotten into wearing a warm shadow in the crease or just at the corner of my eye. I used to really be into winged liner, now I don’t do it as much. But the point is, that it’s never just a simple make-up look. Not really.

Also, we are always working with brands or people. Even when my blog was just about books, way back in the day now, I was working with self-published authors and reviewing their content. If you scroll waaaaay back, which I don’t encourage you to do, you’ll find the reviews I used to do. Some people find it annoying because they don’t think that the content we produce for these brands is genuine because we’re getting paid. 90% of the content I produce in collaboration with brands is unpaid. I could easily just refuse to work with them unless they pay me, but it’s not about that for me. I always genuinely like the products and I know that I can produce a post that people will want to read. There are also lots of opportunities that we turn down too, so please don’t hate us for working with brands!

The next thing is trends! Now I’m not really in to dressing on trend as I’ve mentioned before. I know that there have been a lot of really popular fashion trends recently – flute sleeves, harness bralettes, polka dots, over the knee boots, those satin tie-front blouses and plenty more. Even though I own similar pieces, I don’t really wear them as trend pieces if that makes sense. My style is quite girly. I love anything that’s sort of Blair Waldorf/Hilary Banks with a little bit of Clueless thrown in and if I could dress that way all the time I would be in heaven. However, I haven’t found enough pieces to really make my whole wardrobe look that way yet, although I’m getting there! I guess the most annoying thing about bloggers and their on-trend pieces, is that you’ll see them wearing something you like. You’ll then follow their handy link to purchase it and what do you find? That it’s SOLD OUT. Great.

Another thing that’s annoying about us bloggers is that you pay us a compliment about something we’re wearing and we’ll start giving you the whole history of where it’s from, when we bought it, how much we bought it for. I mean, maybe you just wanted to pay us a compliment right?

Or when we upload something on Instagram, we’re always asking for something in return. Please like, follow and comment. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel (I’m speaking theoretically as I don’t have one) and make sure you’re following my snapchat. Please turn my notifications on as Instagram have changed their algorithms again and you don’t want to miss a post! We are sooo in your faces. But I mean, again, unapologetically. We create this content and we want people to engage with it – it’s as simple as that. And surely we’re a lot less annoying than those people you know from school who are all over Facebook asking you to listen to their latest mixtape, right?

Finally, I guess something that a lot of people have found annoying about bloggers recently is the fact that we can actually become hugely successful just from sitting in our bedrooms and making videos or writing posts like this one. For some people, this is for some reason really annoying when it shouldn’t be. I guess it seems like our work isn’t worthy of recognition, that we shouldn’t be paid for it, that we shouldn’t get to be self-employed (although I am not). Well, I just want to say that the work bloggers do is just as tough and draining as your 9 to 5 job is, trust me. When I am working on a post it can take a really long time to come to fruition. There is a lot of work that goes into blogging, it’s not just waking up and turning a camera on or waking up and typing a load of rubbish to upload with a few good photos. No. Everything you do is well thought out and it has to come from your own mind – that’s a lot of creativity. You don’t just join a company and help out in one department, you run the whole thing yourself. And in order to even gain recognition from big companies who will work with you, pay you, reward you for your content, you have to have built something recognition worthy in the first place. This takes a lot of time and a lot of effort.

So thank you to all of my friends and family that support my blog, even if it annoys them sometimes because I constantly post things or constantly ask them to take pictures or constantly make every time I do my make-up into a mini make-up tutorial. You all are amazing.

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