How to fake being a pro at make-up

So I’m currently writing this while curled up on my sofa feeling like I’m about to die, but you’ve still got be productive right? I thought I would write this post because when it comes to make-up, I have to be honest and say that I don’t really know what I’m doing. Although I love buying make-up and trying new products, I don’t always know how to use them. It’s easy watching YouTube and seeing other people successfully beat their face, but when it comes to doing it to yourself, trust me it’s another story. I tried this look out a few days ago and I don’t ever really know what I’m doing but sometimes, it turns out alright! So if you’re like me and you have an extensive stash of make-up to play with but you’re not an expert mua, then here are my top tips.

Heavy eye, nude lip. Whenever I’ve got a lot going on on my eyes (lashes, halo eye, just any kind of eyeshadow basically) I prefer to have a nude lip. I think it just looks better overall. It keeps the focus on the eyes, which is what I will have spent most time on anyway and it’s also just a lot easier to manage. I don’t have to worry about my lipstick coming off and looking patchy because I’m wearing barely anything on my lips away!

Add lashes. When in doubt, always add lashes – specifically when you’ve tried to pull together a look. I am not blessed with super luscious lashes. My lashes are just average, they’re naturally curled and given enough coats of a decent mascara, they will look long. However, they’re not fluttery or wispy and they don’t ever complete an eye look unless that look is simply just winged liner. Whenever I put eyeshadow on, I’m never too sure of the look until my lashes are on. Once I’ve applied falsies, everything feels right again.

Use a blending sponge. It doesn’t have to be the real Beauty Blender. Personally I’ve never tried the actual beauty blender, so if anyone wants to send me one… Anyway the Real Techniques sponge is great. I recently picked up the pink one and I think it works particularly well for making your highlight look really natural. Sometimes brushes just don’t do the job well enough. You need a sponge to make sure everything melts into your skin and looks as smooth and natural as it possibly can.

Have one blending brush that you go back in with. Once you use your base shadow, keep that brush with you and keep using it to blend every other shadow into that first one. This makes sure everything looks as neat as possible instead of just having a harsh transition between different colours. Also if you have hooded eyes like me, then bring the shadow a little bit higher than you usually would. It was so uncomfortable to do at first, I felt like I would look like a bored mum who has just discovered her old eyeshadow palette. No offence. You do you, I just didn’t want that look for myself at age 21. But in the end, it turned out alright!

Use lashes with as thin a lash band as you can find. In the photo above, I am wearing the Liza lashes by Doll Beauty. I mean they look really nice when they’re on but I have never seen a lash band so incredibly thick! It’s honestly so annoying because you don’t want your lashes to look like fake lashes as soon as you look down and that’s exactly what happens with these lashes. It’s also a lot easier to put lashes on that have a thin lash band, trust me. They stick down so much quicker and it’s easier to make them blend into your natural lashes.

Choose blush or highlight. I’ve just recently got into the habit of choosing one or the other and I think it looks so much better. When you watch a lot of make-up videos like I do, it can be easy to go over the top wanting to use everything. But sometimes you really are just doing the most. We’ve got like five different eyeshadows on, eyeliner, lashes, brow pomades and gels, highlight, concealer, banking, loose setting powder, setting spray, blush, cream contour, powder contour to set it all in place and it’s just all too much! You think it looks nice and maybe it does in a photo under decent lighting with an Instagram filter. But in broad daylight and up close, it probably looks awful. Like you’ve dipped your face into the product instead of applying a light sheen to finish the skin. Just find a blush that is slightly more pearlescent and you won’t need to do both!

Wear a foundation that has a lightweight feel. At the moment, my L’Oréal Shaping Stick is the best foundation I have ever used in terms of its feel on the skin. I literally cannot feel it at all, it blends in seconds and it is so quick and easy to apply. If you need a foundation to apply on a daily basis for work or school, then I really really recommend this one. It doesn’t actually last that well throughout the day unfortunately, but in a stick form, it’s hardly messy or difficult to touch up is it?

Start with neutral tones. I watch a lot of videos on YouTube from people who use incredibly bold colours on their eye. But I’m not at the stage yet and in all honesty, I never would feel comfortable using blues and yellows. I only use browns, oranges and deep reds because they’re easy to work with and they suit my skin tone. Don’t go in with a huge colour range if you don’t know how to work with it properly!

Setting spray! Finally, setting spray can solve all of your cakey problems. Use it at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of your make-up. Along with a sponge to help everything sink in, spritzing your face throughout applying your make-up can really help with diffusing any product build-up on your skin.

These are just a few things that I have picked up from watching videos and learning how to tailor them to my own face and what I feel comfortable wearing. I think that’s the most important thing about make-up. Don’t do something just because it’s a trend – eye searing highlight, plaited brows, super nude lips on dark skin??? I’ve seen so many girls with dark skin wearing really nude lips and they look incredible. On me, it just doesn’t work. A nude lip for me is a pale brown, nothing pink based please. I genuinely cannot get on board with make-up trends, I just have to find what works for me and that’s what you should do too.  

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