Chalk Pinks (& more) For Spring – Kurt Geiger, Dune, Steve Madden, Topshop and ASOS

As the weather has been picking up recently, I’ve started making a few more purchases to try and complete my spring wardrobe. Some of the bloggers I follow, even the ones that aren’t that big yet, seem to have unlimited funds. They’re wearing new outfits pretty much every day, let alone every week or month! But me, I do not have the money for that. I’m 22, saving all my money to buy a house and/or a car, so looking good and transitioning between the seasons has got to come on somewhat of a budget for me.

Spring is kind of a daunting season for me, as is Summer. I always see people wearing really pretty pieces during Spring/Summer – little crochet or lace bralettes, distressed hem denim shorts, heeled sandals or platform shoes. Especially with all the gorgeous Coachella photos flooding my Instagram feed at the moment, I am so jealous. They look great but I often find myself struggling to get on board with Summer trends. I mean I’ve said before that I don’t like buying on trend pieces (apart from the Gucci belt that has been everywhere in the past few months and I really want!) but sometimes you do just need some inspiration. In addition, most of the pieces that you will find in high street stores will be trend pieces anyway, so it’s somewhat difficult to ignore. 
For me, a mac/trench coat (I don’t know which is the proper term) is an absolute must for Spring and is also kind of a timeless trend piece. People will always wear macs during Spring, it’s somewhat of a given. Sometimes a leather jacket is just too thick and your Winter coat should be slowly making its way back into your wardrobe by now anyway. I’ve had the same trench coat for two or three years now, bought in New Look for £30 and just kind of satisfactory for what it is. However, I never really felt comfortable wearing it for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it didn’t have any shape to it. It was straight up and down and if you’ve got some hips, that just poses all sorts of problems when you try to do up the buttons. Secondly, the colour was a sort of dirty beige and I wasn’t really keen on it. Particularly after a few years of wear, I noticed that it had started to look a bit dull and drab. Like the sort of coat a tired nurse throws on after a really long night shift at the hospital.

I love any coat that has a fit and flare style to it. You’ll have noticed that the Winter coat I wear has this, complete with a little fur collar to give it that Victorian schoolgirl style which I love. For my mac, I knew that I wanted it to have some sort of flare to it plus an extra feminine detail – otherwise it just wouldn’t really be me. So, when I noticed this mac on ASOS, I added it to my basket straight away. I just think it is so so beautiful. The pleated detail at the back sets it apart from other macs that I’ve seen and it’s just such a simple and pretty detail. Also, the fact that there are press studs instead of buttons makes it slightly more unique. The press studs are just small and silver and you don’t even have to use them if you don’t want to because there’s a lovely little belt that is just the right length to tie easily into a cute little bow. I only fasten the first press stud, as the second sits just slightly too low down for me in terms of where I would want it. I would rather it fastened right at the waist, something I potentially could have had if I’d ordered it in the petite rather than the normal version. I’m about 5 foot 4 (I think) so not really that petite. But with ASOS I do find that shopping in the petite section is sometimes a must.
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Outerwear is one of the main things that completes or even makes a look. Blazers, cropped jackets, well fitting coats. You could be wearing almost anything underneath that ASOS mac and yet you’d still look quite put together. I also think that the cream/pale beige colour screams Spring. I don’t own anything cream in my wardrobe really, so at least I knew that with buying this coat, I would be adding some diversity to the pieces I already own. I also think that a statement coat, whether that’s through it’s colour, it’s style or the detail on it, is just essential for every season. I have a couple of bold outerwear pieces in my wardrobe – my pink suede jacket, my pink wool coat, my red Balmain style blazer.

But enough about outerwear, let’s move on to shoes and accessories. Last weekend I went on a lovely afternoon trip to Reading to catch up with one of my friends from university. If you haven’t been to Reading then I highly recommend it, particularly for the shopping. The shopping centre gives you real London vibes with it being host to shops like Victoria Secret, House of Fraser and even a Nespresso shop – I haven’t seen one here! And the town is a really cute, but definitely not small area where you can find even more shops. It’s literally shopping heaven in my opinion. Also the Primark was INSANE. If you haven’t been to have a look at their new beauty range then you definitely should. They have dupes for almost everything high end and I swatched one of their eyeshadow palettes – the pigmentation was genuinely shocking. They have a dupe for the Too Faced chocolate bar palette, Urban Decay palettes, so if you just want to have a play around with some make-up before going out to buy the £40/£50 high end palettes that everyone experienced is using, Primark is a good shout. 
Now after browsing through a few of my go to shops, I went into TK Maxx and had a proper look around for pretty much the first time in my life. I never really go into TK Maxx, as I’ve just had the impression that it’s a bit of a jumble sale with a lot of tatt that has designer names on it but doesn’t actually look designer. I picked up a pair of Steve Madden sunglasses for £12.99 guys. £12.99. They’re cat eye shaped, large enough to cover my eyebrows and they have a bit of embellishment on them. Considering the fact that I’ve been pining after a pair of £500 Linda Farrow sunglasses since I saw them in Harvey Nichols about a month ago now, I think it’s safe to say that I made the right decision. Thank you everybody who discouraged me from buying them, I didn’t have £500 at my disposal anyway. But that wasn’t the only bargain I picked up. I actually found two of my now favourite items ever and for such amazing prices.

First up, when I spotted a pair of pink leather loafers, I had to try them on immediately. These ones are Carvela and were only £24.99. Gobsmacked. They fit like a glove, are so comfortable and they’re just absolutely beautiful with the pearl detailing across the front. I was supposed to be shopping for black shoes for work, considering the fact that I don’t have any and am constantly walking around the office in my other pink loafers which I bought from New Look a few years ago. Yet it seems I’ve found myself in the same predicament again, oops.

Secondly, I found a pink bucket bag. Now, recently I’ve been wearing a few different types of bags. I only used to wear tote bags, until I bought my black and gold River Island cross body that I live in. Then I went to Bicester Village and found my red Tory Burch cross body. After that, I found a mini purple leather backpack in Accessorize. And now, I’ve found the bucket bag. I usually stay well away from bags that don’t have a zip on them as I do a lot of travelling on the tube and I just don’t think it’s safe. However, bucket bags can surprisingly fasten closed very tightly. I also really like the drawstring method, as it makes it so quick and easy to get in and out of your bag. No more struggling to align both sides of your zip or pushing things down into your bag to make sure the zip doesn’t get stuck. Just pull on the string and you’re done.

You’ll probably notice that the bag and the shoes have very similar details and accents on them. The pearls, the gold studs. They might as well have been made by the same company. However, the bag is actually from Dune and was an absolute steal at only £34.99. You can hold it by the little wrist strap it has or you can wear it over your shoulder with the longer strap. Both straps are thick enough to give you that security that they won’t break and also not to claw into your shoulder or the groove in your arm as you hold it.

I also just want to quickly touch on the fact that I bought a pair of ripped jeans in Topshop recently. I never thought that ripped jeans would suit me. Always thought they would be super uncomfortable and that they would just make your knees look weird. After all, why do you want your knees poking out of your jeans. I’ve been searching for ages for a pair of ripped jeans that isn’t ripped on the knee. But finding a pair of normal jeans that fit well is hard enough. The only places I really trust for jeans are Topshop and New Look, occasionally River Island. The ripped jeans I bought are the Jamie jeans in a pale blue wash and with a leg 32. They’re just a really great way of making a boring outfit look more interesting. Also they look really good with heels which means that you can wear them on an evening out too.
So, those are the most recent additions to my Spring wardrobe. There are a couple of other bits of footwear I picked up in Primark, including a really good dupe for a very popular high end shoe… But I’m saving that for another post which will be coming soon. Here’s to looking fabulous on a budget! 🥂

Pink Carvela Loafers (similar) – £34
Pink Dune Bucket Bag (similar) – £25

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