Gymshark Leggings – Yay or Nay?

Gymshark. If you haven’t heard of Gymshark, then where have you been? Gymshark are all over Instagram and have been on my radar for the past few months now. Although they’re not doing anything drastically different to other activewear brands, they are doing something right as their products sell out within minutes and they have a huge following. If you’ve heard of them, you might be wondering whether you should buy their products or not. You probably follow a few Gymshark models on Instagram, but maybe you want the opinion of someone who isn’t getting paid to wear their products and who doesn’t have an incredibly sculpted body to make the products look insane. Well, that person is me.

1. Fit

I have tried both a small and a medium. The first ombre release sold out so quickly that I couldn’t get my hands on a small, so I just ordered a medium. They fit alright as they’re very stretchy and can mould to your shape, but they’re just too loose around the waist and they don’t feel the way that gym leggings should feel. They don’t fit like a glove and I am constantly having to yank them up so that I feel like they’re sitting right. What I will say however, is that when you have them on, you can’t feel them at all so they are super comfortable.
2. Body contouring

Gymshark leggings are known for making your booty look amazing. However, because they don’t fit right anyway, they genuinely do nothing for my bum. If you want to look like you have a flat stomach however, then these are absolutely the leggings for you. I’m quite happy with the way my stomach looks normally. It’s not completely flat but there isn’t too much of it either. In these leggings however, when I turn to the side, I don’t have to suck my stomach in because the thick elasticated waist band holds everything in for you!

3. Quality

One thing I will say is that they are super soft and feel like really thick, good quality leggings. They have a fair amount of stretch to them, but not enough in my opinion. In the second ombre release, I bought a size small. Only to find that they come with a strange white knicker shaped lining in them that you can see through the leggings!! This is so unnecessary. They literally look like granny pants. I don’t even wear knickers that cover my bum anyway. I’m guessing they added this lining to try as a protective layer, but why not just make the leggings non-see through. Duh. This made the leggings completely unwearable and so I had to send them back in the end.

4. Choice

Gymshark do have a lot of colour options. They’re vibrant, they’re fun and they’re very aesthetically pleasing. I think that’s why a lot of people want to buy them. I love love love the pink and white chalk colour of my ombre leggings and I haven’t found a similar style anywhere else. They also have deep beetroots, vibrant blues, jet blacks. You won’t be stuck on choice if you’re looking for a colour to buy.
The style of their sports bras is also really cool. They have some nice crossover detail ones, some V-necks, some cut-out styles. They have a lot to choose from basically and their styles are not boring at all. I personally haven’t tried any of their sports bras as they are quite expensive for cropped tops. I also think that some of the styles just look like a waste of money. For example, the cross over style is very pretty but it’s not exactly ideal if you’re going to do a plank or some burpees is it?
5. Design

The seamless collection and a few of the others come in a super high-waisted design, which is always flattering. If you’re not a fan of this, then there are options like the flex collection that offer a sort of mid-rise fit instead. Overall, the design of the leggings is really nice. Stretchy as I’ve said. Soft as I’ve also said. They also have really good dry technology so that you can’t feel your legs sweating after you’ve done a killer workout.

I just have a couple of problems. Firstly, the length. They sort of fan out a little at the bottom because they aren’t skinny enough to fit to your ankle. Maybe this is the result of the fact that I had to buy a size medium, but it means that I have to roll them up at the bottom which I don’t always want to have to do. Secondly, the contouring lines just look a bit ridiculous. They’re not subtle at all. Personally, I don’t want everyone looking at me thinking that I’m trying to make my bum look bigger. I just want the leggings to fit well enough that they cling to the shape of my bum, suck me in at the waist and give me an even more curvaceous silhouette. I don’t need lines on the leggings to show this!

A full outfit at Gymshark is going to cost you at least £80. So if you’ve got that money to spare, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t purchase them. However, if you want to be a little more tactful, then I would just get your leggings on the high street. There are fun designs, good quality fits and even better prices than Gymshark. 

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