Avengers Infinity War: A Breakdown

So Infinity War has been out for over a week now, which means that Thanos demanding my silence can be broken, right? Because I’ve been silent for far too long already now and Thanos has caused a hell of a lot of drama to still be out here making demands. Just saying. If you’ve watched it, you’re either crying, frozen in shock or somehow managing to do both at the same time. Have you booked in for a therapy session yet? If not, I recommend you do so asap, as this movie did not come to play.


I’ve seen it twice. The first time I saw it I was horrified, pained, ruined. The second time I saw it I was all of the above but I tried to hold myself together a little more. This is not to say that I wasn’t sat next to my sister sobbing as pretty much everybody started disappearing. Let’s not beat around the bush here, I personally recorded 14 deaths in this film.

  1. Loki
  2. Heimdall
  3. Gamora
  4. Bucky
  5. Vision
  6. Wanda
  7. Groot
  8. Spider-Man
  9. Drax
  10. Mantis
  11. Doctor Strange
  12. Black Panther
  13. Falcon
  14. Star Lord
Loki is dead guys. Loki, my favourite character in the whole MCU, died within the first 10 minutes. The one thing I was hoping didn’t happen. Thanos picked him up, strangled him to death and then said “No resurrections this time.” Ha, good one right? He must be joking. He has got to be joking because I refuse to believe that this is the end of Loki. He can shapeshift and clone himself so that you think you’re talking to the real him, but really it’s just another projection of himself. So please, I know it doesn’t seem possible right now as we literally saw his body being strangled to death, but I am just hoping that he used some kind of power to trick Thanos into thinking he had killed him. He’s the God of Mischief he has to have done something. I just hope.
Then Heimdall was stabbed, meaning that after losing Asgard in Thor Ragnarok, Thor is now left with nothing. Poor Thor, guess he’s got to join the long list of people who have suffered repeated loss throughout the MCU. Oh, but he doesn’t die before he sends Hulk through the bifrost to New York, where he shows up in Strange’s quarters. Stark is then summoned by Strange whilst on a run in the park with Pepper. All three of them are then together talking about Thanos when they notice that Ebony Maw has arrived to take the time stone and they have to fight him. Spider-Man, on a school bus, sees the huge doughnut shaped ship thing moving throughout the city, gets Ned to create a distraction and then jumps through the window of the school bus and shows up to help too.
Later on in the film, we see Thanos taking Gamora with him after Star Lord failed to kill her as she had requested. She specifically told Peter that because there’s something she knows that Thanos doesn’t, if he ever got her, Peter would have to kill her to stop him from finding out. Only he couldn’t do it, which is understandable considering he loves her and is a very nice person on the whole. However, it meant that Thanos took her. By showing Gamora one of Nebula’s memories (who he had been torturing in order to use her as ransom in exchange for Gamora’s knowledge) Thanos revealed that he knew Gamora knew where the soul stone was. It was in Vormir, guarded by Red Skull who explained that if Thanos wanted the stone, he would have to trade the soul of someone he loved for it.
Obviously he traded Gamora, by very violently flinging her off the cliff wall. I have absolutely no idea how this even worked. Thanos loves no one. Gamora said it herself in case it wasn’t abundantly clear. Yet somehow, in sacrificing her, he was able to obtain the soul stone and put it on his gauntlet. 
So by this point in the film, Thanos had collected:
  • Power Stone (the orb) – last seen when it was handed over to the Nova Corps in Xander in Guardians of the Galaxy, we find out at the beginning of Infinity War that Thanos destroyed Xander and took it
  • Space Stone (the tesseract) – obtained from Loki, who handed it over to him before he died in order to save Thor’s life
  • Reality Stone (the aether) – taken from The Collecter in Knowhere right before Thanos seizes Gamora 
  • Soul Stone (in Vormir) – traded Gamora’s life for it
He only has two more stones to go. But we think we don’t have to worry too much because Star Lord, Drax, Mantis and Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Iron Man have all found each other in Titan and come up with a great plan to weaken Thanos and pull the Infinity Gauntlet off his arm. I have to say that I think this is one of the best scenes in the movie. It had me on the edge of my seat both times. Everybody was working together to subdue Thanos and get this gauntlet off. You’ve got Mantis working her little mind tricks, Spider-Man spinning his webs round and round to pin Thanos to the ground, Strange opening up portals here and there to allow everyone and himself to zip around and disorient Thanos and Star Lord, Drax and Iron Man all attacking him. Oh and Nebula is in the scene, which I almost forgot. 
It’s only when Mantis, whilst reading his emotions, tells everyone that he is mourning. Nebula puts two and two together and figures out that he has killed Gamora. Meanwhile, Star Lord is suddenly filling with rage. But Spider-Man and Iron Man almost have the gauntlet off. In fact, Spider-Man basically had it off!!!! Thanos’s fingers were free of the gauntlet, one more second and it would have been theirs. But then Star Lord blew, punched Thanos in the face which knocked him out of the trance Mantis had put him in. And boom, he had the gauntlet back on and then he was stabbing Iron Man. 
This is the moment where I drew in the sharpest intake of air, leaned forward in my seat and froze. Blood pouring out of Stark’s mouth. This couldn’t be. Now let’s not forget that just before this whole fight scene erupted, Strange had seen 14 million outcomes for the war and told us that there was only a single outcome in which we won. So what he does next, possibly the most shocking moment of the film, has to make sense. There’s no way it can’t.
Strange gives up the time stone in exchange for Stark’s life. Everybody in the scene looks shocked as he hands over the real stone guys. This is not an illusion. He hands over the real time stone. Once Thanos is gone, Stark asks him why and he says something like it had to be this way. Which we just have to trust, because he’s seen 14 million outcomes. 
Now I did think to myself that if he had seen all of these outcomes and known that the only way to win involved surrendering the time stone to Thanos, then why did he even bother letting them all fight him. But we’re working with time here. For that outcome to come to fruition, everything needs to fall exactly in its place. Which means that we have to trust that all of those events, even Star Lord becoming overcome with grief and vengeance and punching Thanos in that last moment before the gauntlet was off (grr!), had to happen in order for this all to work. 
So we approach the final scenes of the film and Thanos now has 5/6 of the infinity stones. Captain America, Black Widow, Vision, Wanda, Bucky, Black Panther, Shuri, the Dora Milaje and the Jabari have all come together to fight on Wakanda against Thanos’s army the Black Order. Also, Thor has arrived back from Nidavellir after taking on the full force of a freaking star to help Eitri forge him a new hammer. Hammer acquired, he shows up in Wakanda with Groot and Rocket to help fight in the war. Oh and Bruce is in his hulk buster gear because the real Hulk won’t come out the whole movie due to being terrified of Thanos – ridiculous. 
Proxima Midnight and Ebony Maw are the two most prominent figures of the Black Order, although they both die. Ebony Maw is flung to his death earlier in the film and Proxima is killed by girl squad Black Widow, Okoye and Wanda who uses her powers to blast her while she’s in the air coming for Black Widow.
During this battle, Shuri is with Vision trying to extract the mind stone and basically isolate it from the rest of him so that they can destroy it without having to destroy him too. She is working up there for some time guys and we can clearly see her doing something – this is important. Nevertheless, the Black Order finds them and launches an attack upstairs in Shuri’s little work quarters. Which means that Wanda and Vision have to go and join the fight. Everything gets a bit messy, everybody is separated, Wanda kills Proxima and then finally finds Vision.
This is where it all gets even more upsetting. Vision tells Wanda that she has to destroy the stone now, as Thanos is coming. He felt it. Bearing in mind that Shuri has not been successful in fully isolating the stone from him, so destroying it will still mean destroying him. Wanda doesn’t want to do it but she knows that she has to and mirroring her lines to him earlier on in the film, he assures her “I only feel you.” I am already sobbing at this point FYI. She begins to work on destroying the stone. Meanwhile, Thanos has arrived and is being attacked by the avengers.
Only not really, as he quite effortlessly uses the gauntlet to fling each of them aside in turn – Captain America, Black Panther, Bucky, Thor, Black Widow, some others I can’t remember now. He then gets to Wanda, who uses her full strength to ward him off with one hand and continue destroying the stone with the other. She is amazing to be able to hold him off and do that at the same time if you think about it. She is successful in destroying the stone, which we know because it’s shattering pieces reverberate throughout Wakanda.
So, Thanos is already way more powerful than any other being in the universe because he is harnessing the power of 5 infinity stones. Wanda has destroyed the sixth, well done to her. She’s crying, he then very patronisingly cradles her head and tells her he understands her pain. And after allowing her to destroy the stone, kill the man (or artificial intelligence really) that she loves and completely exhaust her powers, Thanos just uses the time stone to reverse time, bring Vision back to life and take the mind stone for himself. Of course, this kills Vision again.
Thanos has now obtained the final two stones:
  • Time Stone (eye of Agamotto) – surrendered by Strange in Titan in exchange for Stark’s life
  • Mind Stone (Chitauri sceptre/Vision) – taken in Wakanda when Thanos used the time stone to reverse Wanda destroying it
A very angry Thor then strikes Thanos in the chest with Stormbreaker (his new hammer) which remains wedged there. Thanos staggers, Thor patronisingly strokes his head now which I love and think is quite key. Mirroring his actions seems to sort of set him up as one of the only ones with the potential to defeat him. However, Thanos tells him he should have gone for his hand, snaps his fingers and suddenly everything begins to change.
Nobody can tell what’s going on until a few moments later. Thor bellows at Thanos asking him what he’s done, but all becomes clear when Bucky whispers “Steve,” and begins to disintegrate into tiny particles of himself and drift away. Heartbroken. Bucky is my second favourite character, has been through so much in life and barely had any chance to enjoy it and now this. It’s just not fair.
Then all of the other people listed in my deaths list above start to go. The worst one of them all being Spider-Man, who genuinely broke my heart. Staggering towards Stark in panic he says “Mr Stark, what’s happening? I don’t know what’s happening. Mr Stark! I don’t want to go! Please Mr Stark, I don’t want to go!” or something along those lines, as he falls into Stark’s arms and then disappears too.  

And Black Panther, who comes over to pick Okoye up from the ground, telling her that she will not die here. But then disintegrates himself before he can even help her. 
It’s all just too much to re-live. 
In the closing shot, we have Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man as far as I can remember. In the post-credits scene, we also lose Maria Hill and Nick Fury. But not before Fury is able to send a message, some sort of code red, to Captain Marvel. This is the symbol we see on the screen at the end. 
The Captain Marvel film is due to be released in March 2019, just one month before the sequel to Infinity War is set to be released. She will be played by Brie Larson and Kevin Feige has said that she will be the most powerful character to ever be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

So after all of this, what are my thoughts?
  • Loki can’t be dead
  • Thanos should not have been able to obtain the Soul stone because he does not love Gamora
  • Nebula has always wanted to kill Thanos, even more now that he has killed Gamora
  • Vision must be able to come back somehow. Shuri did not fully isolate the mind stone from him, but she must have successfully isolated some parts of him from it, which means that some parts of him can come back in some way
  • Iron Man is going to be integral to defeating Thanos otherwise Strange would not have saved him
  • They are going to need Thor to defeat Thanos, he demonstrated his strength when he used his hammer and wounded him
  • Wanda has to come back as she was strong enough to hold Thanos off and destroy an infinity stone at the same time
  • Eitri created the infinity gauntlet – is there something he can do to help destroy it?
  • After being overpowered by Thanos in the opening fight scene, Hulk refusing to come out the whole movie is very strange and needs to be explored and explained! He isn’t the first to ever be defeated in a fight by him, so why is he so scared?
  • We’re going to have to rely on Captain Marvel helping to sort out all of this mess, which I sort of don’t like as we know nothing about her really 
There are pain-staking deaths all over the place in this film, so if you were ever worried about losing your favourite characters, then this is not the film for you. People you don’t want to die, die and then even more people die afterwards at a very alarming rate. It never ends.

I never used to think that comic books, superheroes and all of this stuff would be my thing. I liked watching the films but I never really properly followed the storylines. Now? All I can say is that I can’t wait for the next films to come out because I can’t bloody get enough!

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