Being Kind To Your Skin With Elemis

Most of us girls have some sort of skincare routine. Our bathroom shelves are brimming with cleansers, scrubs, oils, toners, moisturisers, cleansing balms, refreshing sprays. It’s like an alchemist’s lab! But it’s so important. I know that when I’ve got a good skincare routine, I feel so much more confident.

Having a good skin day massively effects my make-up routine. I’ll stop wearing my full coverage foundations and I’ll opt for something lighter like a tinted moisturiser instead. As soon as I’m having a bad skin day, I bring out my Lancome Teint Idole Ultra or my Bobbi Brown Skin Longwear Foundation. I know that this is counter productive. If your skin is suffering then piling on make-up is only going to suffocate it and cause even more disruption. But I think we can all relate to wanting to cloak those breakouts with make-up.

For everyday use though and especially in the heatwaves we’ve been having recently in London, I don’t want to slather on primer, foundation, concealer and then powder. I want a lightweight, quick and easy one step base. So if l take care of my skin, then I can minimise the make-up I wear. The only reason I wear a base like foundation in the first place is to blur out the blemishes I have on my cheeks. So whenever I’m looking at skincare products, I’m looking for ones that will target this. 
I want to talk about a treatment I had with Elemis, while on a Champneys spa day. If you haven’t been to a Champneys spa then I really encourage you to treat yourself to one. It’s just exceptional. Whilst there, I booked in for something called a 3D Skin Lab with Elemis. I read and watch a lot online about how to care for oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, acne prone skin. You can find information on this pretty easily, right? But everyone’s skin is different, even if it falls under one of those categories. So how do you know which routine or which products are going to work best for you?

Usually for me it comes down to trial and error. Pop into Boots, have a look at what products are available, browse the offers, pick a few, come home and use them for a month. If I like them then great! If they don’t work then that’s money down the drain and back to square one.

This is why I thought the skin lab with Elemis was so great. The 3D skin lab basically takes a photograph of your face and analyses it in six different areas – texture, spots, wrinkles, redness, pores and brown spots. It then quotes a number reflective of each instance they were able to identify these problems in your skin. Then they talk you through each:

Spots – not like the usual spots we see ourselves. These include blemishes and tiny raised bumps that you probably wouldn’t be able to notice yourself.

Wrinkles – they sort of pre-empt where you can expect to see wrinkles later in life due to the firmness of your skin.

Texture – exactly as it sounds really, areas where your skin isn’t as smooth.

Pores – the ones that are blocked and therefore visible on the surface of your skin.

Brown spots – pigmentation. Obviously my skin is already a gorgeous brown tone but this was mainly highlighting where my face had been exposed to the sun and gone a little bit darker!

Red areas – exactly as it sounds. Sometimes your skin is a little bit flushed or irritated and becomes slightly red.

All of this is printed out for you and stored on the Elemis database for if you ever return. They then select a small portion of skin from your face on the computer, zoom in and flip it on its side to show you how levelled or unlevelled it is. You’ll see the areas that are quite bumpy and need to be smoothed out. Once a clinician has talked you through your skin and recommended some products for you, they then use them all on you for your facial so that you can see first hand how they can improve your skin.

I love getting facials. Having make-up free skin that feels fresh and clear is such a great feeling and this is exactly what a facial gives me. I had the superfood facial with Elemis, which used ingredients like broccoli, kale and spinach to rejuvenate my skin. My skin was cleansed, exfoliated and then a gel superfood mask was applied for about 15 minutes. Once the time was up, it was wiped off using a warm cloth (which opens up your pores), toned and then moisturised.

I think this is a really great opportunity to find out about what your skin needs from you. Elemis will also kindly recommend products to you that will help combat all of the problems and explain how best to use them. They told me that not using a toner means that my moisturiser will never be properly absorbed by my skin, as there is still leftover cleanser and impurities from my hands creating a barrier for my moisturiser. They also told me that you need to exfoliate twice a week.

I was really impressed because these are not steps I would usually take when caring for my skin. I used to use a toner but then I started to feel like it was just expensive bottled water – an unnecessary step in an already tiring skincare routine. And exfoliating? I don’t think I’ve ever taken that too seriously either. If my skin starts to feel clogged, I usually just grab whatever face mask I have and use that. So I really did pick up some good tips and you can honestly see the difference instantly after having the facial.

The facial is £55 and you can redeem that against products up to the same value. I picked up the Skin Buff, Balancing Lavender Toner and the Superfood Facial Wash. I’ve only been using the products for a few days now but I’m already beginning to see results. My skin feels less textured and a lot softer when I apply my moisturiser after a toner. I’m also going to be using the exfoliator tonight because Sunday just always feels like a good day to do a deep clean of your skin!

The price point for these products isn’t cheap but they’re not super expensive either. You’re looking at between £25 to £40 a product, depending on what you buy. Think about all those trips to Boots picking up whatever you can find. If you invest in products like this, recommended for you because they target the problems in your skin, then you’ll probably be saving a bit of money in the long run and seeing better results too!

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