The Autumn Edit | Zara Edit

I’m sure we’ve all noticed that the weather has taken a huge drop as of late. No more summer dresses, sandals and shorts. If you know me that doesn’t mean no more mini skirts though!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I put up a poll asking you to help me decide which Winter coat to buy. I was convinced that I would buy this gorgeous grey, fur trimmed coat from Ted Baker. However I went to try it on and there was something that just wasn’t quite right. It’s slightly too open at the top and I’m not sure about the weight of the skirt. Although I love the colour and the fur, it just falls short in too many areas for the price. It’s £350!

Having said that, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect Winter coat. I’ve decided that grey is definitely going to be the colour this year as I’ve always had black. The things I’m keeping are going to be the fur and the a-lined skirt. I have to have an a-lined skirt because it’s so much more flattering and it gives you that pretty, feminine look.
Winter coats aside, I found the perfect Autumn number in Zara a couple of weeks ago. I’m always looking for statement outerwear pieces and this one is just gorgeous. Tweed and pearls on the collar?! I was absolutely dying when I saw it. The tailored fit, the smooth wool. You can tell that it’s excellent quality and it works great as a workwear piece and a weekend piece. 

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