Fashion Diaries | Greece

So in my last post, I talked you through my experience in Greece. The things I did, the food, the views, the people. Now, for those of you who don’t really care about that (it’s okay, some of us are more shallow than others in this world), I have created a little fashion diaries post for you. What I wore on which days and where my outfits were from. Simple as that.

Day 1

Swimsuit – Fashion Nova
Beach Maxi – Boohoo
Sandals – New Look (similar)

Dress – Boohoo (similar)
Heels – New Look (similar)
Jacket – Zara
Earrings – H&M

Day 2

Jumpsuit – Bershka
Bag – Accessorize (can get anywhere!)

Day 3

Dress – Pretty Little Thing (similar)

Playsuit – New Look

Day 4

Dress – Zara

Day 5

Bikini – Fashion Nova
Skirt – Primark (similar)
Bodysuit – Zara (can get anywhere!)

Some of the items are fairly old, so I have linked alternatives!

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