Why Restaurant Ours Isn’t Worth The Money

If you haven’t been to Restaurant Ours already, then you better listen to what I have to say. It might save you some disappointment and some money too!

Restaurant Ours is tucked away on Brompton Road, the quieter side of Knightsbridge/South Kensington. When you go in, you’re walking through a tunnel of white lights with beams before you reach the reception desk. The receptionist will greet you nicely and seat you at your table. The dining area is undeniably pretty, although nothing too special. There are exposed brick walls, fairy light trees and velour sofas. There’s also live music which plays fairly loudly even in the afternoon, which is when I went. 

The staff are really nice. They give you attention, they ask you if you need anything, they even take your napkin, fold it for you and place it in your lap. I don’t really like when waiters and waitresses do this to me but whatever. There are plenty of restaurants that do it, they’re not the only ones. 

You will be presented with menus, be given the opportunity to be talked through the menu and then left alone to decide. The first thing you might notice is the price list. Expensive. You’re looking at 25 and above for a main. 14 and above for a cocktail. And starters are around 8 or 9 if I remember correctly. There also isn’t much choice. The dishes are limited, very limited to be honest. I went for the duck and my friend, who is vegan, went for the pumpkin main. 

The food is disgusting. Honestly. I don’t think I have been to a restaurant where the food is so bad. Minus Busaba Eathai in Shoreditch which was horrible. The portion sizes are just ridiculous! My main said it came with potato and cabbage and I was given what looked like the core of the cabbage. You know the really small bit that doesn’t even exist?? That’s what they gave me, after blackening it so much that it had lost its taste anyway. Whatever the potato thing they gave me was, was nice, but there wasn’t enough of it. I had to eat it sparingly so that it would last with the rest of my meal and I wouldn’t be left eating duck on its own! The duck was bland. Minus the skin, there was no seasoning. Plus, the food came out luke warm. It was just horrible.

I would definitely recommend visiting the restaurant for its drinks. They had loads of cocktails on the menu and the drinks I ordered were really tasty. It’s a nice place to get dressed up for, take some nice photos and have a few nice drinks. Even the toilets are pretty beautiful. It’s all rose gold sinks, pink tiles and leaf wallpaper. What a dream! But do not pay for the food. It’s overpriced, cold and soaked in salt. Unless that’s how you like your food of course, but I don’t!

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