Four Ways To Wear Your Natural Curls! (no heat)

I’ve been wearing my hair natural on and off for a good few months now, since the height of Summer and I just love it. Whenever I wear my hair natural, I honestly feel like the best version of myself. It’s low maintenance, it looks nice and most importantly, absolutely no damage is being done to my hair. I’ve gone from straightening my hair 3-4 times a week (sometimes daily in more humid weather) to straightening it once every few months. If you told me last year I’d be doing this, I would have laughed in your face. I couldn’t wait to get those hot plates around my curls, now the thought fills me with anxiety!

In today’s post, I’m going to be talking you through the four ways I wear my natural curls. These are my go-to hairstyles and they take about ten minutes to do in the morning. So they’re perfect for work, school, meeting up with friends, whatever you need to do really. 

Freshly Washed/Spray Bottle Hair

This requires the least amount of effort. After washing and conditioning my hair, I apply a very generous amount of my favourite ORS leave-in conditioner, plus my cult favourite ORS jojoba oil and sometimes a bit of the Shea Moisture detangler (all talked about in this post). I recommend you do this while your hair is still wet from the shower, this way it locks all your natural curls in to place before they have any time to dry and frizz up a little. Once I’m done, I pull all my hair in to a bun at the top of my head and I wrap it in a towel for the next hour or so to let all the moisture soak in and work its magic. If I’m heading somewhere, I skip the towel part and I part my hair in to two sections to wear it half up, half down. I’ll either pin the top section in to a bun or leave it out in curls too – depends on the day. Always leave a curl at the front just to frame your face and show off your curl pattern. Voila, you’re done! You can also achieve this look with a spray bottle of water and a good leave-in conditioner, doesn’t have to be straight out of the shower.

Twisted Curls

I’ll usually wear my hair in the first hairstyle for as long as possible, without brushing my hair. In the evenings I just put it up in to buns or one bun and go to sleep. This is usually for about two days. In the mornings, I get the spray bottle involved to activate my curls again. When I’m ready to brush my hair out, I’ll detangle it using the same detangler from Shea Moisture as mentioned above and one of my trusty tangle teezers. Then I’ll twist my hair into sections. The number of sections really depends on how much time and patience I have that day. Detangling your hair is enough of an arm workout without twisting a million tiny sections all over your head too. I tend to focus on the bottom half of my hair as I’ll usually tie the top half up anyway. The next morning, I unravel all of the twists and you can either wear your hair all down or again (my favourite) half up, half down. This time I like to leave two curls out at the front – one on either side. You’ll notice that after detangling and twisting, your hair is stretched. When I do this hairstyle, I can add inches to my hair. It’s almost as long as it would be if I were to straighten it and I get pretty much the same effect, just without any of the damage. Plus, wearing your hair like this for a couple of days makes it easier to detangle before wash day. 

The Braided Ponytail

To achieve this hairstyle, all you have to do is start braiding your hair (one on each side) and stop halfway. Then, take the remaining hair and pull it into a low ponytail. The bottom section might look a bit frizzy and mismatched in terms of your curl pattern. But all will be fixed with a spray bottle and some conditioner. Wet your hair with the spray bottle and work any conditioner of your choice into the ponytail by running your fingers through the hair. Once you’re happy with the curls, leave them to dry and shrink up and you’ll have a lovely little curly ponytail and some pretty braids at the front. 
The Messy Bun
Or you can just be lazy and throw your hair up into some kind of messy bun. Make sure there are some nice defined curls on show at the back and the front and then go on about your day!

What curly hairstyles do you like to wear? 

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