Outfit of the Week: Tartan

I’ve decided to start posting an outfit of the week post. Every Friday (excluding today) of every week, I will have a post uploaded about my favourite outfits of the week. I’ve just got to start admitting to myself that I have a new item of clothing in my wardrobe every month, sometimes every week and this is the best way for me to keep you updated with what I’m wearing. I just like to buy clothes, okay? It’s not enough to have one coat or one jacket per season, I need several!

If you feel the same then these posts will be great for you. I also think it will encourage me to wear the new clothes I buy. Does anybody else have pieces in their wardrobe that still have the tags on? No it’s not because I don’t want to wear them – trust me I’m dying to. It’s really just because I’m always “saving” them for the right occasion. I’ve learned that the right occasion doesn’t always arise, unfortunately. So from now on, I’m just going to have to start wearing these pieces wherever I can. There’s nothing wrong with doing your grocery shop in a pink crushed velvet crop top is there?
This week’s outfit is all about a tartan dress I picked up in Primark. This was £13 and I’m wearing a size 10. The dress fits perfectly. Skims over and doesn’t cling to your hips, which is one thing I hate in skirts and dresses. Sometimes I feel like I have hips as wide as the river thames and I definitely don’t want to accentuate that. Not unless I’m going to nip myself in at the waist and create that hourglass silhouette. 
In fact, this is something that I always do. The dress is perfect as it is. It isn’t too short and has adjustable straps to suit every shape. But, to make it more me, I had to belt it at the waist. For a more casual look, I’d probably remove the belt and knee highs and pair it with an oversized jumper and Converses instead. With just a little banner of tartan peeking through underneath. You could even wear this in the Summer with a t-shirt underneath instead of a jumper. I personally wouldn’t wear it with nothing underneath but that’s just personal taste. 
My knee high boots are from H&M and are over a year old now. I don’t recommend them because they fall down so much that they’re basically ankle boots by the end of the day. I’m even starting to come away from the whole knee high trend. Trend, it definitely is. I only bought in to it because everybody was wearing them and I thought it looked nice. But I’ve always preferred a riding boot personally. Or an ankle boot with a block heel. The knee highs are just starting to get on my nerves now. 
Finally, my jewellery is from Forever 21. If you want interchangeable jewellery at really low prices, then I highly recommend picking up a few bits from there. Their jewellery section is extensive and the pieces are really beautiful. My necklace was £3. I’m a sucker for anything with a leaf or a feather on it. I don’t really know why. I just think they’re both such delicate shapes, very feminine, really pretty and they both represent freedom to me. So if you ever want to buy me jewellery… Just saying. 
Dress – Primark
Jumper – Primark
Boots – H&M
Necklace – Forever 21
Belt – ASOS
Bag – Tory Burch

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