Tips For Affordable Bedroom Decor

I’ve been looking to revamp my room for months now. My bedroom is the one place in my house that I spend the majority of my time in, so it’s important to me that it’s a space I love. My bedroom is a decent size but even if yours is a little bit smaller or bigger there are always ways to utilise the space. The dark decor that I had previously was doing nothing for the space. My room felt exhausted, old and claustrophobic. The walls were dark, the furniture was dark and it felt more like a cluttered teenage bedroom than a mature space to relax and unwind in.

1. Organisation

I’m an organised person by nature. If there is even one thing out of place, I can’t relax. This could be a piece of paper on the floor or a drawer that isn’t fully closed. That’s why organisation was top of my list when re-decorating my room. I needed to find some furniture that allowed me to stash things away neatly and out of sight but also be easily accessible. 
Ikea drawers – Songesand £175
Ikea wardrobe – Brimmes £155
2. Colour
To open up a space, bright colours are your best friend. Keeping things simple and fresh are key. I hate white walls because everybody has them and I think its boring. I also decided to make most of my furniture white, so having white walls too would have made everything blend in to one whole blur of nothingness. I opted instead for a pale grey colour with hints of blue running through it. Light enough to really open the space without giving off hospital admission vibes. You also want to stick to a theme. Mine is grey walls with splashes of pink and mixed metals.
Dulux paint in ‘Warm Pewter’ – £20

3. Accents

If there’s a particular colour or design that you like, the best way to bring that in to a room is through small accents. Splash it in to your room through prints, cushions, throws, curtains, the handles on your wardrobe or chest of drawers for example. This way, everything can tie together seamlessly without looking over-worked. I kept a theme of clean lines in the design of my wardrobe, chest of drawers and bed. All three are white and have quite feminine touches in their detail. I had been considering picking up some pieces from the malm range on Ikea, which is really affordable; but the design was just a little too simple for me. I do like to have at least a little bit of detail on my furniture. 
Dunelm Coat Hooks – £5
H&M Fluffy Throw – £39.99
4. Mirrors

Mirrors are my favourite thing because I’m vain and like to spend a lot of time looking at myself. There’s no shame in loving yourself boys and girls, someone has got to. In decorating my room I have learned that mirrors are actually extremely expensive. I originally wanted a large leaning mirror that I could rest against a wall, however for the style I wanted I was looking at a price over £100. Instead, I just decided to use my old university mirror. To fix it to the wall I threaded an old thick shoelace through the staples in the back, tied the ends together and hung it on a nail in the wall. I also have a mirror on my wardrobe and an LED light mirror that I use to do my make-up. 
Argos full length mirror – £20
LED light mirror – was a gift from my sister who won’t tell me the price or where she got it from, but you can definitely get them on Amazon
5. Lighting

I love candles and fairy lights. Draping fairy lights over different bits of furniture can really bring a room to life in the evening. Picking up a different lampshade or getting a centre piece for your light is a really nice way to add something extra to your room without having to do too much to it. I am considering getting a centrepiece light fixture, however I would have to think about getting an electrician in to re-wire a light for me as mine are currently on the walls. In the mean time, candles are just everything for setting a relaxing ambience and keeping your room smelling fragrant. If you get them from the right places, they can also double up as table top features too.
Primark fairy lights – £3
6. Artwork

I hate bare walls. I think that digital prints or pieces of art are a great way to bring some of your personality in to a room in a mature way. I used to have walls and walls of photographs with friends, now I’d rather have just a few important photographs framed and set up on my drawers with the rest arranged in a scrapbook that I can look at in years to come. I have a mixture of graphic prints, text prints and a canvas. My prints still stick to the colour scheme in my room (pink, grey and mixed metals) as does my Game of Thrones canvas. A canvas is actually a really nice way to get your inner fan girl out on to your walls without having to pin up a load of posters that make your room look like a teenage space.  
Desenio Prints and Frames – different prices
Canvas – bought at Comic Con, unfortunately I can’t make out the artist’s signature to credit her!
7. Personalised Features

I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous organiser as a Christmas present from my mum; who has been calling me Tilly since I was a little girl. At first I wasn’t sure what to put inside and then I realised that it is the perfect place to store most of my make-up, with any overflow going in to one of the drawers below. I always see people with the same old make-up storage – those glass or plastic drawers that you can get in pretty much any shop now. But those are boring. Everyone has them and they don’t have any detail on them. This organiser is classic, pretty and has enough space for me to store everything from eyeshadow palettes to hair moisturisers to make-up brushes and I absolutely love it. Finding something different and personal is much more exciting and now this is a really nice feature in my room. 

I take most of my inspiration from different home design pages on Instagram. I have a ‘Home Design’ highlights section on my Instagram, so follow me @thetanyatales_ to see some gorgeous homes!

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