Outfit of the Week: Glitter Midi Skirt

I said I would post these weekly but I haven’t actually been wearing outfits worth posting as of late. It’s so cold outside, I’m just constantly in boring outfits like jumpers and jeans. In addition to the fact that I haven’t bought a new Winter coat this year, I’m just feeling a bit uninspired. I buy one every year but I just can’t seem to find one this year! I know that teddy coats and longline fur coats are really in season but I hate wearing the same clothes as everybody else. Even though I keep saying I want to buy one, I haven’t found one that’s quite unique enough yet. 

Speaking of unique pieces though, this glittery midi skirt is probably up there with one of the most unique pieces you can get. I haven’t seen anybody else wearing something like this, have you? The colour, a sort of sparkling rust (oxymoron, I know) is actually a lot easier to style than you may think. And against brown skin, I just absolutely love the way it looks – which is why I went out in the cold today with no tights on!
The shape of this skirt is slightly on the oblong side. It doesn’t flare out the way I usually like my skirts to and it doesn’t necessarily fall, it sits. From some angles, it does make me look slightly wider than I’d like and where it cuts off halfway down the leg can make you look a bit stumpy. That’s why it all comes down to styling. This is not the kind of skirt that you can just throw on and walk out the door in. You do have to be quite calculated with how you wear it. But it’s sooo gorgeous and I’m in love with it, so I knew I had to wear it!
I paired the skirt with a simple black bardot top. Originally, I had planned to wear it with a turtle neck jumper. But when I tried the outfit on, there was just something about it that wasn’t quite right. It’s really difficult to wear midi skirts when you’re young. That might sound strange, but typically midi skirts are worn by the older generation aren’t they? They’re modest and demure, they skim your figure not cling to it. I wanted to wear this and still make it feel a little bit sexy and fashionable. Paired with a jumper however, the outfit was having the opposite effect. I looked more like an old librarian than a 23 year old in the prime of her life. 
Getting a little bit of skin out can work wonders for looking sexy. And no, it doesn’t have to be your boobs or your bum or even your legs. I think the shoulders, collar bone, neck and back are some of the most attractive areas of your body to display. I’m never daring enough to wear anything backless myself. It doesn’t seem practical – what kind of comfortable bra can you wear with a backless top? But when I see girls wearing backless tops or dresses, I’m just like wow, you look hot. So I went for an off shoulder top, in a simple, easy-to-wear colour that wouldn’t detract from the statement piece. 
I left my legs bare because putting tights on as I had originally planned to do, just made me look like a nun. And I wore ankle boots because they made the outfit look a little bit more casual. Rather than putting on a pair of strappy heels, which I definitely would have done if this was an evening look instead. 
For my jewellery, I wore simple gold drop earrings and my favourite leaf necklace. As I’ve said before, leaves and feathers are just my ideal pieces when it comes to jewellery. I can’t get enough of them!
In terms of outerwear, you just can’t go wrong with a leather jacket. I have mine in a size XS. I never zip it up because leather jackets look better left open and in this size, it just sits perfectly on top of dresses and skirts. When I want something bigger and cosier, I wear my fur lined leather jacket from Wallis, which I can zip up and wrap around me to keep the cold out. 

Drop earrings – Accessorize

Leaf Necklace – Forever 21
Black Sleeved Bardot Top – Pretty Little Thing
Glitter Midi Skirt – Mango
Ankle Boots – New Look
Chain Strap Shoulder Bag – River Island
Leather Jacket – Zara

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