Afro/Black Hair Q&A!

Good evening everyone! Tonight I am bringing you an all things hair Q&A. I asked on Instagram (as usual) for some questions about my hair and I’ve answered all of the questions you asked below. Thank you so much for your responses! I’ve also answered one or two questions that I remember being asked just generally in life. I hope you enjoy 😊

Why do you never wear your hair in an afro?

I have answered this before! I don’t wear my hair in an afro for so many reasons. It’s soo thick and this gets really uncomfortable a lot of the time. It makes me hot and flustered! Weather conditions are another reason – having all of my hair out when it’s very windy or when it’s very warm outside can make it quite dry and brittle. It would be a lot to maintain and I like very simple hairstyles. 
How do you brush it everyday?

I don’t! If it’s curly I brush it about two days after I wash it and then every two days thereafter. If it’s straight then yeah I do brush it multiple times a day, which is quite bad!
How long does it take to wash?

It used to take me absolutely ages! It used to take almost an hour. Nowadays I can get it done in about 20-30 minutes because I’ve learned how best to manage it. 
What’s your hair type?

Most of my hair, particularly around the middle sections is a 4a. However I do have some curls that are about a 3c. If you want to know what hair type you have, have a look on this website or just Google ‘natural hair type’ and images should show you a whole bunch of charts that can help!
What products do you use?

Natural – Shea Moisture and ORS
Straight – ORS 
I am always trying new products though. Currently, I’m testing out the Pantene Gold series.
What is your everyday hairdo?
A bun. 
Do you have low porosity or high porosity hair?
For anyone who doesn’t know, this is referring to how well your hair takes in moisture. I would say I have medium porosity hair. It doesn’t take long for my hair to get wet and it absorbs moisture fairly well. 
How long is your hair and what are your length goals?

My hair is just above boob length at the moment. I’ll insert a picture I took yesterday down below. Length goals, I don’t know! I sort of want to cut my hair to just below my chin. But the sort of style I want to wear it in would require me to apply heat so often that I’d have no hair left… I quite like my hair the length it is now, but ideally I’d want it to sit comfortably at my boobs.

What tips would you recommend for length retention?
Don’t be afraid to cut your hair. Just a little trim about every 6-8 weeks is enough. Also protect your ends and keep them moisturised!

What are your fave hair masks/deep conditioners?
Unfortunately I haven’t found any! I’ve tried two from Shea Moisture and I hated them both. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Might even make some natural ones at this point because the ones on the market aren’t up to standard. 
Were you always natural or did you transition/big chop?
I wasn’t always natural but I didn’t do a big chop or transition either. I just washed my hair one day and decided not to straighten it.
What heat do you straighten your hair on?
180/190. I try to never surpass 200 because that’s dangerous territory kids. Also if you want your hair to be supper shiny after straightening, then put some olive oil on it before and after straightening each section.
How often do you straighten your hair?

Since July, I have straightened it four times including today. I try not to but sometimes I just need to be able to run my hands through my hair and I hate that when it’s natural I can’t do that.
What straighteners/blow dryer do you use?

I don’t blow dry my hair. I have a £10 Argos value hair dryer for the rare occasions that I do. I just bought a pair of Nicky Clarke straighteners which I really like! Before that I was using a pair of Tresemme ones and before that a pair from Remington. I really recommend Remington, not so much Tresemme. The plates were keratin infused and really damaged my curl pattern…
How long does it take to straighten your hair?
It takes me roughly 3 hours to straighten my hair properly. On a lazy day, I can push it to about two and a half but it will still be quite frizzy.

I hope I’ve answered most of the questions and thanks for reading!

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