How I fell in love in Oslo in 48 hours

Strangely I’ve found that in recent months people keep telling me that I go out a lot and that it looks like I have a very busy social life. In my mind, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I find myself constantly underwhelmed by the time I spend outside of work – and during work actually! Most of my friends are in relationships, which is great for them and not so great for me. Or they live quite far away from me. Or they’re often just too tired from work to want to do anything. This last one is understandable but I’ve now reached a point where I don’t even care about being tired at work the next day. If I were to think about being tired, I’d never be doing anything. The fact of the matter is that full time working life goes hand in hand with exhaustion and you’ve just got to soldier through.

One of the interesting things I did recently was spend a weekend in Norway. I stayed in Oslo for two nights and I honestly can’t stress enough how much I was having the time of my life out there. From the moment the plane began its descent, to the moment I boarded the plane (almost two hours late) back to London, I’ve never felt better. If you’ve ever been around me you’ll know that I’m a very dramatic, sometimes whiney and quite antagonistic person. However, on this trip, I felt so calm, so relaxed and just so at peace with everything. I felt like everything I worry about on a daily basis had been left back in my bedroom at home. I just felt so relieved of everything negative.

I was considerably unprepared for my trip, as it crept up on me out of nowhere. I spent the evening before my flight reading article after article about what to do while I was there. I put together an itinerary, emailed it to myself and kind of just hoped for the best. In actual fact, two nights was not long enough for me to complete all of the things on my list. That much was obvious even as I was sat in bed compiling it. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because I now have even more reason to return and this time for even longer. 
We were staying at the Clarion Collection Hotel, which I highly recommend. Breakfast and dinner are included in the price of your stay and the room we were staying in had a beautiful view over the city and the river. It’s also within walking distance of Oslo Central station, which makes it very convenient for pretty much everything you’ll be doing throughout your stay. 
On the first night we visited the Christmas Market. This is the main reason I wanted to go on this trip and surprisingly, I found that I was rather underwhelmed by it. Not that it wasn’t everything I expected because it was. I guess I had just really exaggerated what a Christmas market is in my head and when I arrived to find that it was simply just a Christmas market, I then realised that I had disappointed myself with my own expectations. Nevertheless, if you want to go ice skating for an unlimited amount of time, eat toffee apples that will crack your teeth in two, drink mulled wine, buy sausages, churros, macarons, waffles, scarves, hats, gloves, slippers and take some pretty pictures then this is the place for you. Most of the stalls take card over cash, which was very refreshing compared to Winter Wonderland. Just be warned that it’s very expensive and you better be willing to blow your krones away with the drifting snow. 

Speaking of snow, Oslo was literally blanketed in it and I felt like I was walking through a movie set the whole time! We don’t get snow like that in London and I’ve never been anywhere cold enough for me to actually have an experience like that. It was so picturesque and much of the snow was completely untouched, making it even more magical.

I’d say this all really stood out when we took the metro to Holmenkollen. I’d researched that there was a museum there that gave you 360 degree views of the whole of Oslo, so naturally we had to go. Passing all of the gorgeous houses draped in a sheet of what looked like white icing and climbing higher and higher with each metro stop just cemented everything I was feeling. Because you see, now I had seen not just the centre where we were staying, but all of Oslo. It is honestly breathtaking. People think that London is so great but I just can’t get on board with this. I love seeing nature which is why I always bang on about living in a cottage somewhere in the country with unravelling hills and lots of open space. Oslo doesn’t necessarily have this but the views it does have to offer are show stopping. I was in awe and to be honest I still am.

I know what you’re thinking. If you think I want to move there because I think it’s pretty, then you’re only half right. As I said earlier, I felt so calm when I was there and this had a lot to do with the people. Everybody is so friendly but also, they keep themselves to themselves. That’s my ideal type of person. Not too sociable but not unfriendly either. I’m quite fussy about who I choose to spend time with. If people message me outside of situations that we’re not forced to spend time together in or if people try to spend time with me in my own time, unless you’re on my list of special people then I’m actually really reluctant to give anything back. I don’t know, maybe that’s weird but I kind of just enjoy my own company and the company of a handful of others. So the fact that people in Norway are approachable but they’re not in your face couldn’t suit me more. Plus, it’s so multi-cultural out there and I think that’s really important! I saw people from every race and I saw an array of religions, it was great.

Not just this, but the architecture and transport really wowed me. Everything is so incredibly clean. I absolutely dread using a public toilet here and in actual fact, I avoid it all costs. Even having to put tissue all around the seat doesn’t help my peace of mind because I still have to look at the dirty walls and floor while I pee. And what if I have a handbag? I have to put that down on the floor or hang it on a hook where it will knock against the door which is probably also dirty. It’s just a nightmare! But not in Oslo because everything is so incredibly clean! This may sound like such a strange thing to say but I felt so comfortable going to the toilet; and if a toilet is clean that really says a lot about what else is to follow, I think.

The train from the airport in to Oslo central was quick, clean (again) and efficient. I didn’t see any delays, whereas we’re used to putting up with delays daily in London. There was also no road rage from cars. In Greece they drove like absolute mad men and half of the cars didn’t even look fit to be on the roads. In Oslo, everyone drives safely but you never hear anyone beeping their horn. This is another reason why its so peaceful, everybody and everything just seems to move in harmony with one another and I love it! The design of the train was really purpose built but also super sleek. As was every other building really. I absolutely love the way they design things over there. Everything is minimal but it serves a purpose. Their colour palette is very neutral, there are lots of plants and there are fairy lights blinking here and there which I adore. Who doesn’t love fairy lights?

Food wise, I wasn’t amazed. However two nights is hardly enough to be a judge. We mostly had the hotel food, as I say, breakfast and dinner was included in our stay and it was one of the ways we planned to save money. I tried ox breast which wasn’t bad but wouldn’t be my first choice of something to eat. They really just eat a lot of meat and then there are always fish options, so I suppose there’s really something for everyone. They also have a really nice selection of sugary treats, which I would of course know about seeing as I have a raging sweet tooth. Once I get a taste of sugar my body starts to crave it to no end which is why it’s dangerous for me to even have a bite of something sugary. 
We ate at a restaurant in Holmenkollen which was a little bit classier. I would recommend it for the views and the cosy interior but the food options were unfortunately limited. We also visited the opera house, Aker Brygge, all around the centre of Oslo and plenty of other places that I wouldn’t be able to tell you of because we were definitely lost. We did a lot of walking around which was just a great way to get to know our surroundings. Plus it’s great exercise.
Now if you haven’t guessed already, I didn’t fall in love with a person, I fell in love with a place. I know my title is click bait haha but it doesn’t necessarily lie! And I reckon I could easily meet the love of my life out there because everyone is so great and I’d be in a much better mood than I’m in when I’m in London. So naturally, I would attract more positive energy because God only knows what kind of energy I’ve been attracting in recent months, ugh. 2018 has been a really boring year for me if I’m honest. Nothing has happened. In 2019, I want a new job that allows me to do something more interesting, I want to move out, I want to do more things that I’m interested in and who knows, maybe Oslo is the place for me to achieve all of these goals. If the right opportunity came along, I really wouldn’t say no. I would love to move there!  

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