Outfit of the Week: Red Cigarette Trousers

Today’s post is a simple one. Yesterday I went Christmas shopping and the shopaholic that I am couldn’t resist buying myself a couple of new pieces. I tried to ensure I spent £10 and under on myself, therefore leaving enough money to actually buy everybody else their Christmas gifts. And if you’re thinking I didn’t succeed in this little challenge I set myself, then you’re wrong!

Well… you’re half wrong. I bought a pair of trousers worth £20 for £6. I think that has got to be the biggest bargain I have ever snatched off the shelves. I’m really not one for a bargain. I’ll pay full price for something if I like it and the most I’ll do to knock the price down is add a discount code. This is because I’m the kind of person who needs immediate gratification. Why should I wait for the sales when I want it now?

So thank God that the now on this occasion only asked me to pay £6 because I can tell you now that that’s not usually what happens when I go shopping! These trousers are made of such a beautiful material. It’s sort of like an elasticated, silky, nylon type material so it feels quite luxury to touch. They also fit like a dream. I bought them in a size 10 and there’s plenty of room for my enormous hips. They skim in all the right places and they have some really nice tailored detail to them. There’s a nice crease on the leg and two little pleats at the top of each leg, I just love them. They are the type of trouser that can be dressed up or down. I wore them with a t-shirt and Converses but you could easily add a bralette and heels and you’d be ready to step out for an evening instead.

So I said you were half wrong about me not sticking to my challenge. I did buy a blouse in River Island and it cost me £35. The fact that I tried is what counts, right?

Red Cigarette Trousers – New Look
T-Shirt  – Pretty Little Thing

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