How to keep your New Years Resolutions this year

Sometimes I hate New Years resolutions. We all start promising ourselves the most ridiculously outlandish things just because a new year is rolling around and we want to give ourselves a fresh start. Maybe this year wasn’t your best but that doesn’t always mean that you need a clean slate and to start afresh. Sometimes you just need to build on what you’ve already achieved. Instead of just sharing my own with you, I thought it might be more interesting to put together a list of tips for achieving your goals this year. Whenever I say I’m going to do something, I do try my very best to make it happen and nine times out of ten it does. So you can trust me on this one.

Make your goals realistic. 

Everybody’s capacity for feasibility varies but you know yourself better than anyone else. Maybe you want to travel but that doesn’t mean that you have to go to 50 countries in 2019. Maybe you can go to four, one per season. Or maybe even going to visit that one place you’ve been talking about for years is enough. Set yourself goals that you know you can achieve with hard work, not goals that will force you to burn out quickly without seeing any results.

Put together a plan of action. 

For me, writing in a diary is the best way to do this. It’s all good saying that you’re going to buy a house for example (plenty of us at this age!) but how are you actually going to do that? Do your research. I looked at my pay slip the other day and went through exactly what comes out of it each month to work out how much I would actually be able to save on a monthly basis next year. Take the time to sit down and work out the how, trust me it helps.

Check in with yourself.

At the end of each month, it’s 100% worth reflecting on exactly how much you’ve managed to achieve from your list of goals. This will stop you from getting to the end of the year and thinking dammit, that plan failed. Maybe you don’t want to do it every month, maybe every few months would be easier. Whatever the time frame, having regular check ups means that if things are going wrong, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to turn it all around.

Don’t compare yourself. 

Comparison really is the robber of progress. What somebody else is working on has absolutely nothing to do with you. Whether you’re doing better than them or worse than them, the only thing that matters is how well you’ve done at achieving your personal goals. In today’s society, where constructing the perfect life online has become the new trend, it’s going to be difficult not to compare yourself. But honestly, the healthiest thing that you can do for your mind is to focus on you I promise!

Set yourself goals that will actually benefit you. 

What do I mean by this? Well, if your 2019 goal is to lose three stone and look like a Victoria’s Secret model when you’re already a perfectly healthy weight, then how is that beneficial to you? What might be better to work on, is your sense of self-acceptance and feeling comfortable and happy in your own skin. Don’t worry, most of us could do with working on this one! Goals are about improving, not changing. They’re small milestones that we set ourselves so that, when we achieve them, the bigger picture becomes more colourful overall. That’s how I see it. So choose the things that will add colour to your picture, not drain it.

I hope that everybody has had a lovely Christmas and as this will probably be my last post of the year, happy new year! 2019 can be exactly what you want it to be if you work for it. I hope that with these tips, you all find it that little bit easier to achieve your goals ♡ 

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