Achieving your fitness goals in 2019

Not everyone is the type of person who can set themselves a goal and make sure they achieve it, particularly when it comes to fitness. Lets be honest, getting to the gym is really tough sometimes. You’re tired, you just want to go home and curl up in bed. The thought of picking up a weight at this point is just punishing. For me it’s something I have to do.

Ever been to the gym in January? It’s not a good experience. It is swarming with all the people who promised themselves they would lose weight in 2019. Or gain muscles or whatever it is they told themselves they would do. And if you go to a gym as small as mine then this is really the worst thing because it means that there’s no space for you to continue achieving your own goals.

I don’t have many goals when it comes to the gym. I go simply because I think it’s good to stay fit. I’ve seen the consequences of not taking care of your body from too many people around me and I think it’s important to do things that will positively impact your health. (You’ll still catch me scoffing a creme egg some days, don’t get me wrong). Also, I feel more confident about myself when I can see the improvements to my body that are a result of my hard work in the gym.

Seeing results is not a quick thing and if you have the time, then give yourself that time to become your best you. I’m not running to any kind of schedule. I don’t want abs for the summer or toned legs for my birthday. These are just things that I want in general and I think that not setting a time limit on it often helps me to keep going and enjoy myself.

I never usually say that. When it comes to achieving goals in general I’m the first person to tell you you should be setting yourself a clear date by which you will have done what you set out to do. But recently I’ve just found that I have a healthier relationship with the gym when its more relaxed. I tell myself I have to go every week and that when I do go, I have to put in 110% effort. That is literally all I do and this is what works for me. It’s when I’ve been doing this that I’ve seen some noticeable results.

There’s also eating. Going to the gym accompanied by bad eating habits will never allow you to see results. I don’t restrict myself but I am more aware of the foods I’m putting into my body. That’s all you need to do really. Forget calorie counting, just be aware in your own head of what’s gone in to your body and you should be fine. The only time I really dont care what I’m eating is when it’s that time of month. When you’re hardly even yourself.

What helps you achieve your fitness goals?

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