The Beauty of Jewellery

In the past couple of weeks, the weather has been very pretty. We’re finally seeing blue skies and feeling mild air. I went out with just a jacket on recently and I could not have been more pleased. Although we know that this is a sign of global warming, most of us are happy to see the skies brightening and the weather warming up. I always used to be a Winter girl but I’ve spent the past three or four months sniffling, coughing and trying to talk through a blocked nose. So yeah, I think it’s safe to say that Spring/Summer are going to be my new favourite seasons.

Warmer weather means no more scarves, a bit more skin on show and as a result, more jewellery. I think it’s obvious that I love my jewellery. You won’t catch me anywhere without at least one piece of jewellery on. I don’t leave my house without a pair of earrings and recently I’ve even started stacking rings on my first two fingers. I just love the way that layering jewellery looks, particularly gold jewellery and I can’t get enough. Jewellery really transforms an outfit from something very plain into something very fashionable. 

Investing in some simple, wearable pieces of jewellery will really serve you well. You can find gold jewellery anywhere but if you’re looking to invest in some quality pieces, then AUrate is a great place to start. I like pieces that are quite small and simple, but with intricate detail too. I have the Icon necklace* myself and I’m in love with it. It’s 14k yellow gold, dainty and it sits perfectly against my skin tone. When you’re investing in real gold, I believe that this is the kind of thing you should be looking for, as you’ll be able to wear the simpler pieces with everything.

You can browse the pieces here.

Items marked with * were purchased using vouchers

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