Three affordable occasion dresses you need in your wardrobe

Us bloggers love to start a fashion post with talking about the weather. But let’s face it, when the weather picks up, so do we. We socialise more, we spend more money and if you’re fashion conscious like me, you find plenty of reasons to shop for new clothes and to wear them out.

I’m pretty good at dressing smart casual. My blazer collection is constantly growing and I love tailored pieces of clothing that look a lot more expensive than they are. On the other hand, my fashion sense can also be quite girly. I love anything pink, anything with pearl or tweed detail, bows, small accents of lace, pleats and ruffle detail, little collars and just anything that is going to flare out in a very pretty way. 
I was out shopping for Mother’s Day on Sunday and I have to say that there a lot of good finds in the stores right now. My biggest tip for Spring/Summer shopping is not to wait until something goes down in price. I do this every year and end up with nothing because it’s either sold out completely or sold out in my size. If you see something, grab it now. I’m always happy to buy a full price item if I think it’s worth it.

I came across a number of dresses that I thought were absolutely beautiful! I’m keeping my eyes peeled for dresses that might work for Ascot in June, which is why I noticed these anyway. They’re all very different and two of them are not Ascot appropriate at all. But they are lovely occasion pieces and I wanted to share them with you. They’re all under £100 and easy to find on the high street too.

The Pink Beaded Halterneck
£99, Miss Selfridge, Size 8

I think this has got to be my favourite of them all, not just because it’s pink. The bead detail on this dress is so beautiful. It’s a modest length, with a cheeky split to give you the best of both worlds. And a halterneck works so well to get a bit of skin out without revealing too much. I have to say that the split comes up a little bit higher than I would like, but I think that on the whole it still looks very classy. 
I was mid-speech in this photo, don’t judge me

And mid smile in this one…

Floral Midi Dress
£32, Billie and Blossom, Dorothy Perkins, Size 8

This is the dress that I thought would be lovely for Ascot, but it also gives off big Summer wedding vibes. This sort of neckline is a lot more flattering on women with a larger cup size than myself. As you can see it doesn’t really reveal how big or small you are. The tie just underneath your bust gives you the option to show a little bit of figure whilst still remaining modest and confident with a skirt that skims past your hips and thighs!

Floor Length Sequin Gown
£99.99, Quiz Clothing, Size 8

If you want to feel extra af then this is the dress for you. This type of champagne gold is flattering against most skin tones and it’s the kind of figure hugging dress that nips you in and skims over all the right places. The length is perfect and whilst it’s very covered at the front, there’s a lovely criss-cross detail that leaves a good portion of back exposed. Paired with the bow detail just above the bum to draw attention to your curves, I love it!

Which dress is your favourite?

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