A Postcard Perfect Wedding – Lost Village of Dode

Photo by Belle Art Photography

Last week, I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite couples get married and we made a little deal that I would write a blog post about them. Deal aside, I actually love these guys and I had such a great time that I really really wanted to share my thoughts and some of these gorgeous pictures on here anyway. So… Congratulations Ingy and Eddie, you hosted the most magical wedding and I am so so happy I got to share your special day with you.

We also have to take a moment to appreciate the fact that the bride looked like an actual queen on her wedding day. Ingy, you are serious goals. So elegant, so composed and so naturally beautiful. Eddie knows this already, but he is a very lucky man.

Photo by Belle Art Photography

This setting was a literal dream for me. I have always dreamed of moving to the country, getting a cottage and just spending my time in the peace and quiet with no distractions. Being in the Kent countryside, which holds a special place in my heart anyway because it’s where I went to university, The Lost Village of Dode gives you exactly that. Besides the beautiful rolling hills and gorgeous stone, I loved the fact that we had no mobile phone signal when we were there. This meant that the whole wedding was a completely intimate occasion, shared with only the people that were there at that time. Anything uploaded on social media was done hours later or the next day, so during the ceremony and the party afterwards, it was simply guests only. I absolutely love that and I think it’s definitely something I will note for if I ever get married myself.
Inside, it feels like you’ve been transported in time to a completely different century. It’s a really beautiful antique church and what’s great is the fact that everything at this venue just speaks for itself. They didn’t choose to have a million bouquets and lights and white silk tablecloths and banners and balloons. They didn’t need any of that and with it being such a small ceremony, the atmosphere was so genuine and everyone was so touched as they exchanged vows. I was genuinely tearing up, it was perfect. They also added a handfasting ceremony at their wedding, which was so unique and most of us had never seen something like this before. I thought this was such a memorable part of the wedding and it was lovely to have part of the ceremony outside.
Photo by Belle Art Photography

They also added a few very enchanting extra touches. There were these really cute baby chicks and an owl that flew in to deliver the rings. The food was amazing, especially the mozzarella sticks and the pink gin was an absolute favourite of mine! I truly had a fabulous time at this wedding, full of laughter and dancing as it should be.
I love these guys and I’m so happy for Ingy and Eddie. I wish you both the best in your future as a happily married couple 💗
Photo by Belle Art Photography

Photo by Belle Art Photography

Photo by Belle Art Photography

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