Royal Ascot: A Guide to dressing for the races

Royal Ascot is classy. It’s not the type of event that you wear an ASOS basics dress to if I’m honest. Although I am a big believer in the fact that you can dress pretty much anything up if you wear it correctly, there are just some events that you have to go the extra mile for. This is one of them. It’s not everyday that you get to go to an event like Ascot. Wear a fascinator, get a nice pair of heels on, feel expensive? Honestly it’s right up my street.

There are restrictions on what you can wear. I was in the Queen Anne Enclosure. My dress had to be just above or just below my knee. I had to have straps that were an inch thick and I had to wear a fascinator at all times. There may have been other restrictions but those were the main ones. It’s actually very difficult to find an outfit that meets this criteria.

I went for a fit and flare dress. Because my waist is quite small, I find it quite flattering to draw attention to my waist in dresses that fit and flare. If you have wider hips, then wearing a thicker strap balances out your figure and gives you the opportunity to show off your smaller waist. I find that pointed heels always look classy, much more than a rounded heel. I always go for an ankle strap as I find them easier to wear and I just think they look nicer. I would recommend a block heel because you will have to walk on the grass at Ascot and a block heel will make sure your shoes don’t sink in.

I think that finding a hat was the most difficult part and I unfortunately left it far too late to find exactly what I wanted. I chose one that tilted to the side rather than sat in the middle, only because my face is not symmetrical so I knew that playing around with angles would make this less obvious. I went for quite a simple fascinator in the end, picking out the white of my dress. I think we all know that I wear a lot of pink. I had pink in my dress (I had to), so rather than pick out the colour that everyone would expect me to, I decided to accentuate the white instead. I know that white looks so beautiful against dark skin and I really just wanted to bring that contrast to the forefront.

Dress – Ted Baker (£199)
Shoes – Public Desire (£30)
Bag – ASOS (£20)
Fascinator – Accessorize (£40)
Sunglasses – Chanel (£294)

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