New York Met, Upper East Side and Central Park in a denim dress and tee!

Ignoring all of my stray belongings in the bathroom, this was my outfit of the day for going to the Upper East Side and the Met Museum – one of the things I was most excited for! The Met Museum by the way, is the most beautiful museum I have ever been to. Tops the National Gallery here which is another of my favourites. Everything is just wow. I highly recommend. 

Wearing a t-shirt underneath a dress is one of those classic, girly looks that I love. This may have been the wrong day for it however, as you’ll see I ended up having to take it off halfway through the day! I also don’t recommend wearing a denim dress on a sweltering day – the sweat patches were unreal! We took a Citi Bike around central park, which was such a lovely experience. Good exercise, nice breeze, bit of exercise – right up my street!
Denim dress – Zara
Tee – Brave Soul at ASOS
Trainers – Converse

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