Happy 4th July from New York!

I conveniently planned my trip to New York around the 4th July, without realising! I have to say that this was one of the best days I’ve had so far. Can I even say that? I feel like I’ve said this everyday so far but it really has been amazing. 

I went for breakfast in the cutest little New York coffee shop called Blank Slate Tea. The waffle I had there was honestly mouth-watering. But so is all of the food here. I haven’t had one meal that I wasn’t impressed with, seriously. Then we took the subway all the way to Coney Island, which I’m sure you can imagine was absolutely heaving. But what a day for it! The weather was boiling! I sunbathed all day, caught the most gorgeous tan and went home desperate for more. 
I decided to wear my shorts and a simple vest top. My bikini was bought in the US as I actually didn’t pack any swimwear. I thought I might go to a rooftop pool but it wasn’t confirmed and then we ended up at the beach instead! A much better choice if you ask me. I really wanted a straw bag but I didn’t manage to find one I liked. I’ll have to put one on my wishlist for my next holiday!

Top – Zara
Bikini – H&M
Shorts – Zara
Bag – ASOS
Sandals – H&M
Location – Coney Island

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