3 wallpapers that are guaranteed to make a statement in your home

As many of you will know, I absolutely love interior design so I felt that it was only right to add an interior design section to my blog. I also have an interior design page that I have started on Instagram (@tanyasinteriors) if you would like to follow me there! I want to use this space to talk about my favourite interiors, looks and little things that inspire me when it comes to designing a room or a whole home.

To kickstart this section of the blog, I wanted to give you my recommendations for some gorgeous wallpapers to add to a statement room in your home. This could be your bedroom, the hallway, a music room (if you’re lucky enough to have one). I imagine these wallpapers in rooms that you might use to relax and unwind. Or, in areas of your home that guests will frequent. I can promise that you will be receiving a hell of a lot of compliments on your wallpaper if you get them from these brands.

Cole & Son

I discovered this brand while at work because we had one of their wallpapers up in our showroom. Cole & Son is such a gorgeous, luxurious looking brand. They have a beautiful Botanicals range, but my personal favourite is their ‘Nuvole al Tramonto’ from the Fornasetti collection. Imagine this on the ceiling for a little taste of heaven every time you go to sleep!

De Gournay

If you want a wallpaper that can tell a different story to each of your guests, then I highly recommend having a look at the French wallpapers that De Gournay have to offer. Not only are they absolutely mesmerising in my opinion, but they will add something so unique to your home that all of your guests will be gushing over where you got it from. I love how the ‘L’Eden’ wallpaper has been used below.

Milton & King

The wallpaper displayed below is designed by an artist called Humayrah Bint Altaf using shimmering embroidery and metallic beads to delicately craft the insects. If you’re looking for something fun, then have a look at some of the wallpapers by Milton & King. I love the fact that there is texture in the wallpaper and I think it would be a great statement piece.

Leave your favourite wallpaper designers below!

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