Soho’s Bob Bob Ricard

As you probably already know, I have expensive taste when it comes to restaurants. Bob Bob Ricard has been on my list for about a year now. I considered going there for my birthday last year but I tried to make a reservation very last minute and it didn’t work out. This year, I pre-booked a table weeks in advance and planned a whole outfit around it – which you can read about here. You guys probably know all about the famous ‘Press for champagne’ button. It’s actually famous for pouring more champagne than any other restaurant in the UK. Unfortunately, I don’t like champagne so I didn’t press my button. If I did, I probably would have been charged £1,000 a drop anyway so it was for the best… This is a very pricey restaurant. I would actually say that it was more expensive than Hutong at The Shard. I rarely look at the prices of food when I go out, but I definitely noticed the prices on this menu!

Slow roasted pork belly on rolled cranberry, served with baked apple and apple sauce – £27.50
Flaming crème brulee, flambeed at the table – £13.50

It was a toss up between the chicken and champagne pie (I’m drooling just thinking about it) and the pork belly. But if you know me well enough, you’ll know that I absolutely cannot resist pork belly. I think it’s one of those things that’s quite difficult to do well, whereas a pie is pretty easy.

I have to say that although it tasted lovely, the pork really wasn’t anything mind-blowing. I enjoyed the taste of the rolled cranberries but I found them to be quite dry, even with the sauce. The baked apple felt a little bit random to me and I don’t think it went that well with the pork. I would have preferred to have some vegetables or mashed potato – the commoner in me is coming out but I don’t like my apples baked with my mains, sorry!

The crème brulee, however, was the best crème brulee I have ever had. I only ordered it because it’s flambeed at the table and it was my birthday so I had to order the most fun dessert on the menu. But I have to say that it was honestly insane! It was deliciously creamy, with a perfectly caramelised layer of sugar. It was honestly heaven, with just the right amount of sweetness.  

Hendrick’s Gin and tonic – £15.00
Rhubarb gin and tonic – £15.00

There are specific wine and cocktail menus but you don’t have to stick to these. They can make anything you want really, which you would expect from a restaurant that charges this price. I had two drinks (gin obviously) – a pink rhubarb gin and a Hendricks gin and tonic. I love a gin and tonic but I was disappointed to find that I could hardly taste the gin in either. I felt that they were watered down a lot with not much flavour and way too much ice. Disappointing considering that they both cost £15 each.

Overall, I think this is a lovely restaurant for an occasion. The décor and service is top standard. I was an hour late for my reservation due to the crazy traffic getting there but they didn’t ask me to give up my table or rush my friend as she was waiting for me to arrive. The service dropped a little towards the end of the night as they got busier but overall it was exactly as I expected. Based on the food I had, it could definitely be improved but I would like to go back again to try a few more things and to get somebody else to press for champagne!

Any takers?

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