How to get your home ready for Autumn

I am so happy to say that I went out in a knitted jumper for the first time in months yesterday. Yes, Autumn is here in my opinion and I’m so happy about it! When I think of Autumn, I think of red and gold leaves, coffee cups and ankle boots treading on pavements drenched in rain. Maybe it’s not always as appealing as it sounds – nobody likes to get caught in the rain, do they? But, when you’re not outside caught in the rain, you’re at home. So it’s just as important to get your home ready for Autumn as it is to get your wardrobe sorted – agree?

Not everybody has a warm paint colour scheme like above, but you can add things into your home that are transitional throughout the seasons. Purchasing new cushion covers and throws for your living room, for example. Some of my favourite places to shop for things like this on the high street are H&M home and Heal’s. I picked up the most gorgeous pink fur throw from H&M home last year for only £30. It’s still as soft and vibrant as when I first bought it and it comes in so handy for the colder months.
I also think that Autumnal flower arrangements look really pretty and are a great way to shift your home through the seasons. Oranges and yellows to bring the colours of the changing leaves inside, of course. I think anything with dark foliage for Autumn looks lovely.
Does anybody change their bedding through the seasons? I mean, obviously we all change our bedding regularly, but I only recently thought about having specific sets for different times of year. I usually have white, floral bedding on just because I think it looks the most clean and fresh. But as it gets colder, bringing in some deeper colours – even just as a sheet instead of a duvet cover – might work quite nicely. Of course, you have to be conscious of the décor in your room. My walls are grey, so finding the right shade and pattern would be important. Next is my favourite place to purchase new bedding. 

Finally, candles! It’s time to start lighting candles guys! One of the things that I really want to do this year, is get a metal tray to put my candles on. I just think they look so decorative and add a little something extra. Also, they make everything lovely and neat and tidy. If you want little ornaments like trays and coasters, I really recommend Anthropologie because their stuff is gorgeous. I have mentioned them on my blog before, they really are just so dreamy.

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