5 design styles I love

New York Lofts

You’re going to hear me gushing about exposed brick a hell of a lot on the interior design section of this blog. I absolutely love it. People wouldn’t really think this is my style, they probably imagine a house that’s got some quite traditional features because I always say that I want a little cottage in the country. The country cottage is the end goal – there are lots of other places I would love to have in between. New York lofts have such a relaxed, artistic vibe. I could imagine myself writing some really good stories in one of these lofts, with lots of industrial fixtures and fittings to match.

Scandinavian Flats

Scandinavian design is all about minimalism. Clean lines, neutral tones and pops of colour with plants and throws and rugs. Everything is just very neat and fresh. I love Scandinavian design for a first flat. Flats in London are small and this kind of design really opens out the space.

Picture from Nasha Style

Coastal Style

Houses like this, with very white décor and brown tones remind you of the beach right? Not a tropical beach (we’ll get to that), but like a seaside town. Very peaceful and very homely. I like this kind of design because it’s simple and it brings the coastal atmosphere inside. Ah, I can hear the seagulls just thinking about it!

Picture from Home Wow Decor

Hamptons Chic

Hamptons style houses are just dreamy. First of all, we have my beloved shaker style doors all over the kitchen. Not to mention that the kitchens are absolutely heaving with storage and entertaining space. Can you imagine having a Christmas dinner party in one of these houses? It would just be perfect. There’s a lot of white, which I would probably change slightly just to avoid it looking too clinical. But I love the planks of wood flooring and the rows of windows bringing in floods of light.

Picture from Pinterest

Tropics Bathrooms

Finally, one of my all-time absolute favourite – the tropics. For a bathroom, I really don’t think you can get much better than this. It’s a cross between a relaxing spa and a tropical holiday, which are luxuries right? So just imagine if you could have that holiday feeling at the end of every long day.

Picture from Pinterest

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